Colin F. Jones


In retrospect we are so brave and bold,
so patriotic so mindful of the state,
absorbing all the history of the old,
that we could not before the war relate.
Men die from bullets, shrapnel, blasting bomb,
for causes they are not aware exist,
they go to war brain washed every one,
the sacrificial pawns the state enlists
for a soldier is just a rifle or a gun,
a robot armed to kill a like formed foe,
they use his conscience to get the job well done,
for to help their brothers into hell they’ll go.
And though he went to war without a choice,
In retrospect his gun becomes his voice.

Author’s Note: When I think of our little group of poets [IWVPA Club Members], I realise we are all people with thoughts and ideas, and people who react differently to different related perceptions, yet without dictatorial interference, resolve our differences, rationally and remain good friends by so doing. There is a uniqueness here which is very special, and why I am prompted by this to write the above poem, I am unsure. Perhaps the reader may uncover the deeper message.