Colin F. Jones


If you are killed that you are left there lying,
Among the shattered earth where the battle raged,
That we who love you are left here sad and crying,
Then all resources will be for thee engaged
Where ere you lie we shall come and find you,
Take your bodies back where they belong,
We shall honour thee and bid thee fair adieu,
And sing aloud with pride the national song.
For none shall be lost who fight for good and right,
None shall be left to waste away unknown,
We’ll mount you in our memories with fond delight,
Carve your names into a wall of marble stone,
That where you lie there will always be a light
Shining from the windows of your home.

Memorials of the Heart” Trilogy

Part 1: If You Are Killed By Colin F. Jones
Part 2: If I Am Killed by J.J. McCloud
Part 3: Brothers Mine by Thurman P. Woodfork