Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: December 8, 2005
Awarded: December 8, 2005
If I took my heart and killed it,
I will have killed her heart too,
For the same love dwells within it,
So I would be destroying all that too.

~ 2 ~

‘Tis best that I forget it,
For it would not change a thing,
And give myself some credit,
And honour our wedding ring.

~ 3 ~

I must accept that I’m an addict
To post traumatic stresses pain,
and try not so hard to forget it,
For to fight it brings no gain

~ 4 ~

I must accept that I get angry,
And that it brings me shame,
That it will always be my quandary
For it is now part of my brain.

~ 5 ~

I know it will cause her tears,
because I am the man she needs,
but it is the loss of love she fears,
not the insolence that it breeds.

~ 6 ~

Time will bring understanding,
If I don’t try to turn away,
From what I cannot flee from,
That will forever stay.

~ 7 ~

The shared moments will get better,
And more often we will smile,
And you and I my darling,
Will have walked loves golden mile.

This poem prompted the response, “Fantasy Forecast… Chili In The Future” – ©Copyright December 5, 2005 by Faye Sizemore