Colin F. Jones


I would like to be a believer but for some reason I am not,
I would like to be a hero but I am scared shitless of being shot.
I would like to be taller and more athletic than I am,
I’d like to have drawn up the plans for the world’s biggest dam.
In fact I’d like to be sweet God but without his foolish brain,
Because I’d fix up a thing or two that happen to be his shame.
Like pain and war and hardship, and sickness and disease,
And a bit held tight across the jaws who just do as they please,
Like torture folk for pleasure, rape and bash and boil,
Who lead us off to fight their wars on someone else’s soil.
Because when this god wises up and treats us with respect
Then maybe I won’t rant and rave and be His proud subject.
Yeah sure I’d be a believer especially if I was God,
But I think it won’t matter much when I’m planted in the sod.