Colin F. Jones


I tried to join up, but they knocked me back,
It seems there were things that I did lack.
But I tried again, then again and again,
Was refused three times my attempts were in vain.
But yeah I kept trying and, you know, it paid off,
They reckoned this little man was of the right stuff.
So I went on to serve in peacetime and war,
Savouring all that I learned and I saw.
For you know, to give up is not the Warriors code,
Tenacity determines how you carry your load.
The shame is in accepting defeat of a choice,
For thereafter ‘tis feeble; the sorrowful voice.
So listen to me you who make excuses today,
It is not for your souls that soldiers will pray.

A response to the poem, “Unfit” – ©Copyright July 17, 2010 by Nancy L. Meek, which was, itself, a response to “Medically Unfit” – ©Copyright July 9, 2010 by David J. Delaney