Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

I thank thee Lord for the sword and gun,
For all the great battles that we have won,
For the opportunity to pillage, slaughter and rape,
That from our defeat’s we were able to escape.
I thank thee Lord for the chance to kill,
For the elation felt; for the ultimate thrill!!
For the chance to murder in a war,
Where killing is not against the law.
Though I hated to see my comrades die,
And I never understood the reason why,
It was worth the hype and patriotic pride,
And who cares now if the President lied?
‘Tis all part of the ultimate sacrifice,
For our nation and for Jesus Christ.

~ 2 ~

Thank thee Lord for the waste and famine,
The disasters that parts of the Earth are having.
I thank thee for the slaves and the desperate poor,
For the gold they transported to our chock-a-block store,
And for the righteous dictator on Vatican hill,
Who sits on the fence until, until?
For the greedy, the spiteful, the intolerant, and sad,
For all the foul things that makes the terrorist glad.
And I thank thee for blaming the man that you made,
For all the defects he has that for a dollar he’d trade,
For the pain the misery and for the wasted in war,
For the mothers and wives and the dead children galore,
And I bow to such power for I am afraid,
But I guess sweet Lord, that is how I was made.