Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

You know, guilt feelings and self blame
Are not feelings that we share
With those for whom we went to war,
Who sent us over there.

~ 2 ~

We chose to risk our good lives
And to kill the noble foe;
And we were eager all those times.
We were mostly keen to go.

~ 3 ~

Let us not, in retrospect,
Blame others for our lot;
We offered up our services
And some of us were shot…

~ 4 ~

I have no guilt inside of me
For any service I performed.
‘Cause killing in a war, you see,
Is why soldier troops are formed

~ 5 ~

I knew where I was going
And what I was expected to do,
So I’m not about to join the cult
And push something that’s not true.

~ 6 ~

It’s only when our comrades die
That we change our points of view;
But even then I know that I
Will not be blaming you.

~ 7 ~

And I will not feel any guilt
For the men that I saw die;
For I’m not God and the blood they spilt
Was because their luck ran dry.

~ 8 ~

And I’ll never wish that it was me
Because that would be a lie;
‘Cause if it were true I would not BE!
You can’t BE, if you die!