Colin F. Jones


I don’t want to remember Vietnam,
The stink, the blood and gore;
I don’t want to remember Vietnam
Even the small part of it I saw.
What the hell is the point recalling it,
It only gets me down and sad,
The heat the rain the mud and shit,
Hell it just makes me feel so bad.
Who cares if it’s forgotten,
Not I, that’s for sure,
I’m still asking myself for a reason,
For going there to fight at all…
Where good men died for what!!?
To get their names upon a wall?

Well it’s not a wall of fame we visit,
It’s a wall of sadness, grief and loss,
Listing the names of the sacrificed,
Each with their own symbolic cross.
It represents the stupidity of man,
Or simply nature’s cruel way of things,
Else the reason it began,
Was just to pull political strings.
The war should be remembered for its folly,
For the stupidity of its plan,
For the political negligence of its leaders,
For its wastefulness of man
Caused by the Roman Catholic Church,
Who were the reason it all began.

This poem prompted the response, “I Wouldn’t Want to Remember Either” ©Copyright February 6, 2009 by Melanie C. Campos ~ MahTame

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