Colin F. Jones


Some people like to celebrate some people like to cry,
Some people like to elevate the names of those who die.
For me dying is a personal thing not a politician’s call,
It matters not if those we lost have names upon the wall.
I remember them inside my head as blokes I used to know,
And I carry them inside my soul everywhere I go.
I wave no flag nor join the hype: I just silently regret,
For I also fought in that foul war to become a Vietnam vet.
I faced not the horrors some did face but still I did my bit,
And some good folk I used to love did not come out of it.
I don’t care if I’m listened to, so long as I am heard,
Though I am quietly spoken I am as good as my word.
I did what I signed up to do; something I’ll not forget,
I was then a professional soldier now I am just a vet.