Colin F. Jones


In the arena of human life
each generation seeks to live…
Needing to be smarter than the last,
being more resolute to give

Each knows there is no victory;
that it lays not in a bigger gun;
and that all that remains in the end
is death under God’s sun

In living life many will die.
Some will suffer all of their days,
Shadows of their former selves
or maimed in countless ways

Most, from their ills, will recover,
marching proudly from the arena alive,
Intent on warning of the madness
that they did survive

What price are you willing to pay
for the freedom you are after?
Are you willing to meet the fray
despite righteous laughter?

Will you sacrifice sons and daughters
to defend what you think is right;
If there is no better way
to avoid a brutal fight?

Love is part of the equation
to meet hate to establish peace.
Our cause is not a negative
and war was not meant to cease

Our children will learn from our example;
fight for what’s good and true,
Put freedom before all other matters
that gives them a choice what to do.

We can strongly maintain the arena,
teach our children to honour our days.
For we learnt from those we came after
who died defending our ways.

This poem was inspired by “Human Games” – ©Copyright August 23, 2001 by Nancy L. Meek