Colin F. Jones

~ History Lessons ~

~ 1 ~

What do I know? Are all those others wrong?
They rose from squalor singing Liberties song!
While Wollstonecraft’s dear Angels danced with glee,
Before you or I were old enough to see.
Hiroshima screamed from the wrath of Uranium bomb,
That tortured its victims long after it had gone,
And Einstein wallowed in his new found fame,
And Oppenheimer was a well known American name,
Where slaves still served their “masters” in the fields,
Where racism by courageous protest was revealed,
And hooded clans of white cowards broke the law,
Supported by weak citizens who came and saw,
The atrocities of deep evil born in men,
Who wrote their prayers with the Devil’s toxic pen.

~ 2 ~

Thousands die in India’s religious wars,
Hindu and Muslim religious swords and claws,
‘Til Jinnah founded a place called Pakistan,
A Muslim state divided from Hindu man,
By a line drawn through the sand by a plot,
Describing thus to each what was and not.
Billy graham wooed frightened folk to church,
Made millions from the crowds who went to search,
For what was missing in their confused minds,
But in so doing retrieving what was left behind.
A girl called Monroe was murdered in her bed,
And Jeddah hit the screens while black-folk bled,
And soon enough the Space age had arrived,
And all but those enslaved and poor survived.

~ 3 ~

But sparks had scattered from the violent flames,
Just little flickers; insignificant little names.
Revolution and riot spread across the lands,
People gathered protesting with their hands,
Monuments fell and others were restored,
Into vulnerable places soon the radicals stormed.
Walls were built; barbed wire blocked the way,
Religious leaders, dictators of the day,
Took over Governments established firm controls,
Dismembered liberty and banned the voting polls.
Confused the “free” world tried to avoid its shame,
For on the streets the black folks marched again.
And priest from soldier one could not decide,
As all over the world starving people died.