Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Romans fought for Romans; for Romans, Romans died,
Now there are no Romans, not even Roman pride.
The city it still stands, but the Roman soldier he has gone,
So have all those other armies; disappeared every one.
The pendulum keeps swinging new nations rise to fame,
But like the British Empire it is too much to sustain,
For power blocs rise and fall, fade with history into past,
There has never been a nation that could changing time outlast.
Can we predict from history what the future might bring,
It seems there is a pattern controlling everything.
It is always that our armies stretch out across the Earth,
Winning hard fought battles of often dubious worth,
That nations begin to falter from the fester deep within,
For it is always in the core where we see the rot begin.

~ 2 ~

They turn to other countries to satisfy their need,
Use their system of cheap labour to grow their required seed
Establish there their factories that the corporations grow large,
But the land on which they build them; of that they aren’t in charge.
The food they eat; the packages are from other parts controlled,
That the normal things they buy are by foreign nations sold.
As these nations all get larger water and oil reserves get low,
They need much bigger weapons and their armies begin to grow.
The tension slowly rises small bubbles begin to burst,
And soon enough bigger bubbles blot out memories of the first.
As natures natural wheel turns despite all our comments and debates,
Discussing things we fail to notice that to histories patterns still relate.
We go on doing all those things that are part of the design,
Of repetitive changing fortunes controlled by the powerful God of time