Colin F. Jones


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: June 20, 2005
Awarded: June 20, 2005
~ 1 ~

History paints lies upon the boards of truth,
Scattering its myths where mystery hides all proof,
Even while watched events are proposed by lie,
And for it men believing fight wars and die.
Alas the soldier is a tool in the political shed,
Of those in power by whom he will be led,
From places safe where crowns and charts are kept,
Wherein the lie has long since silent crept.
The patriotic hoards will seldom respond to truth,
For from such clearness deception is aloof,
Which is required to fight an ignoble war,
That makes ones nation greater than it was before.
For while disliked few nations will object,
Because of the fear that promotes in them respect.

~ 2 ~

They all take sides for hidden motives mark them all,
To wage a war might see their assets fall,
Yet those who might make gains in serving death,
Will push their point and hardly draw a breath.
Invade we will because a tyrant wants the oil,
And holds the ground that democracy needs to spoil,
For once the crack is made and the wedge is in,
It’s only the truth of time before the lie will win.
So long prepared the troops and tanks embark,
That soon upon the ground they make their mark,
And aircraft unequalled in the world today,
Destroy all that might object that is in their way.
Yet still the truth is hidden from the eye,
And all the worlds greedy Journalist’s are asking why.

~ 3 ~

Goliath has slaughtered David and the people weep,
Isolation from truth and freedom is buried deep,
And from the borders of ancient histories forts,
The insurgents come encouraged by media reports.
But what can stop this wave of furious fire,
From securing the mansions the president might desire.
Time has seen the lie merge with the truth
While a thousand writers confuse inadequate proof.
Thus History is recorded as it has always been,
Behind the complex issues of a political screen.
But the monuments and tombs and the local graves
That multiply for the lives the soldier saves,
Are once again the evidence of tragic war,
In which they died like those who had gone before.

~ 4 ~

So History is set to claim, confuse confound,
To cause debate each claiming their essay sound,
Sell magazines and a host of honest books,
Filled with stories, verse and things one overlooks.
Myths and legends and battles forever fought,
Religions beliefs, Cults of every sort,
That most will never know the truth of past,
Though speculation and inquisitiveness will always last.
For recent history will ever be the proof,
That the lie is worn as the symbol of the truth.
And we will leave our stories for our kin,
And each will commit the same old biased sin,
And relate our theme according to our Whim,
That the complex mysteries of histories never dim.