Colin F. Jones

(Western Desert, 1941)

In the form of a trident the Italian forces crossed,
The Somaliland frontier to the British side,
Advancing towards Hargasia quite engrossed,
Reaching all their objectives with great pride.
In the Adadle region the main attack was set,
In the area of Tug Argan and gap,
The British, outnumbered more strongly met,
And were driven from the Samarliland map.
The withdrawal with great skill was carried out,
And the Italian losses were great
The evacuation from Berbera was hurriedly done,
Leaving Samarliland to her fate.
Generale Di Corpo Nasi’s forces had won,
But for Wavell it was all too late.

Author’s Note: The British defenders were heavily outnumbered in soldiers, tanks, and Artillery. The evacuation was supported by HMAS Hobart. British casualties were 260 injured, while the Italians suffered 2050 dead. 7000 souls were evacuated, including civilians.