Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

The French territory was threatened, by the Muslims of Spain,
Who had been defeated by Duke Eudes, of Aquitaine,
In the Battle of Toulouse; a major battle indeed,
But it had not stopped the Arabs, from spreading their seed.
They reached Autun in Burgundy for their armies were strong,
And were soon in French cities where they did not belong.
The Arab force followed north, along the River Loire stream,
Towards the Cathedral at Tours – a plunderers dream.
So the Austrasian Mayer Charles Martel marched south,
With his army of veterans towards the Loire Rivers mouth
To meet Emir Abd er Rahman and his Islamic hoard,
With their Saracen Cavalry, lances and swords,
Heavily armoured and fearsome, a splendid array,
Who would clash with the Franks on this October day.

~ 2 ~

It was a veteran army that formed the square,
That in defensive mode began to prepare,
For the advancing army of Muslims to pass,
And there they waited a formidable mass.
‘Twas six days they waited in the winter cold,
The Franks warmly dressed were calm and bold.
The Arabs less prepared and a smaller force,
But the Saracen Cavalry of armoured horse,
Were numerically superior and charged the square,
With lowered long lance; there was death everywhere!
But the well disciplined Franks held the charges at bay,
Kept their defensive lines straight and drove them away.
On their own Berber Horsemen the armour was light,
But like the strong men-at-arms they knew how to fight.

~ 3 ~

A rumour flowed through the Arab army that day,
That their booty from Bordeaux might be stolen away,
So many turned round and went back to their camp;
It looked like a retreat so the rest were to scamp.
Abd er Rahman tried to stop the full-scale-retreat.
But he was surrounded and killed; ‘twas a major defeat.
The Franks feared an ambush but their scouts soon revealed
That the Muslims had fled from stilled battle field.
Over the Pyrenees they retreated and from Avignon and Aries,
For Charles Martel (the Hammer) beat them down to their knees.
Near Narbonne he beat them that Islam was held back,
Saving Europe and from future Muslim Islamic attack.
Weather the battle was significant in changing the world,
Will be debated forever; rewritten and retold