Colin F. Jones

(Texas – October 1835)

The “Come and Take it” Cannon
The “Come and Take it” Cannon
Texas Escapes Online Magazine
~ 1 ~

A force of Mexican Dragoons was sent to Gonzales
To bring back a cannon without any fuss.
But Ponton would not surrender the weapon they wanted;
To defend it he said was simply a must.
Castaneda reached the banks of the Guadalupe River
But the ford was too high for his soldiers to cross/
The “Old Eighteen” men, of the Texan Militia
Had taken the cannon to avoid any loss.
It was mounted on the axle of an old cotton wagon
And a flag stitched from a wedding dress flew overhead
With a black star upon it defiantly Texan,
With the words “come and take it” or swallow our lead.
While the Mexicans waited the Militia found others
To reinforce the eighteen from the settlers wide spread.

~ 2 ~

A Coushatta Indian entered the Mexican camp,
Told of the men that the Militia had, numbered a lot more
So Castaneda went looking for another low ramp;
Following the river, looking for a shallow enough ford.
But the Texans that night crossed over the river
Followed the Mexicans to where their new camp was lain.
On the morning they attacked with a charge from the cannon,
Firing scrap metal and pieces of rusty old chain.
The Mexicans fell back behind a rise to their rear
And a meeting was held to discover what for -
Why the Texans had attacked without favour or fear;
Who fought for the legal possession of the cannon by law
“Against your constitutional violation of nineteen twenty four”,
And those were the bold words of Colonel John Henry Moore

~ 3 ~

The battle continued with the Mexicans outnumbered,
So towards San Antonio de Bexar they quickly withdrew.
Castaneda had been ordered to avoid inflammatory conflict
So he reported his reasons taking this point of view.
The cannon was loaded to take back to San Antonio
But the carriage that bore it broke down on the way.
So the cannon and carriage was burned in a creek bed
To be discovered in a century one hundred years away.
Unearthed by a flood, it passed through many owners
Until it was tested for proof that it was the same one
That fired the first shot of the revolution of Texas
When at the cost of two wounded the battle was won.
The Battle of Gonzales that has a long time been over
But history remembers for we still have the gun.