Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Well Stirling Bridge at Stirling,
Dominated the Forth Valley scene,
A walled town in the Scottish highlands,
Where the English had not yet been.
‘Twas John De Warrene’s army,
That moved north to fight the Scots,
Who met them with their Archers,
Who were good and accurate shots.
The Clansmen of William Wallace,
Were a tough and wily breed
Who did not lack the polish,
That they needed to succeed,
So they battled to demolish,
All trace of English greed.

~ 2 ~

Sir William Wallace was a rebel,
In the eyes of the English King,
And his victories on the battlefield,
Did not mean a thing.
He was a fighter for independence,
For he wanted Scotland to be free,
He defied all that was offered,
From whom he saw as his enemy.
So his end was cruel and painful,
For when captured he was hung,
And he was drawn and quartered,
As a traitor who was wrong.
But the fight at Stirling Bridge,
Will be a song forever sung.