Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

‘Twas at the battle of Bannockburn
Where Robert the Bruce made his stand,
His Clansmen armed with spear and pike,
Were bountiful and grand.
They fought the charging cavalry,
Of the English armoured knights,
From which King Edward ran away,
Pursued by swords and pikes.
It was a great historic battle,
That restored old Scottish pride,
Robert choosing to attack,
Against the mounted English side,
For his smaller forces did not lack,
The will to stem the tide.

~ 2 ~

‘Twas a defeat the English learned from,
For it was a victory for the Pike,
Unmounted the knight could finer serve,
On the ground he could better strike
In all the campaigns later waged,
English knights fought on the ground,
And proved themselves against the French,
That they were better pound for pound.
But the Battle of Bannockburn was won,
By the Scots led by Robert the Bruce,
What they intended had been done,
They had won an unsigned truce,
That lasted for four hundred years,
Without suffering any abuse.