Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Those men who died in battle,
history will not recall,
For history is for heroes
who did not with them fall;
The generals and the Presidents,
Prime Ministers and the Kings,
Those who claim the glory,
for the spoils that warfare brings.
You’ll not read of weeping Mothers,
of wives distressed at home,
And when you view the pictures,
there won’t be warriors shown
Lying dead in the dirty ditches
now gone and overgrown.

~ 2 ~

The flags will fly in honour
of the multitude who died;
And monuments will be erected
with everlasting pride.
The stench of death, not present,
will not be there to show
The innocent who come to view them;
what they will never know.
The young faces will be missing
upon the sacred walls,
And only those who knew them
will who they were recall.
Of the horror and the screaming
They will not know at all.