Colin F. Jones


When you allow hate to resurface, it kills you.
Drown it and surely it dies.
Sorry is simply a ploy,
To have accepted an increase of lies.

Oh I’m sorry I flew a plane into your building,
Please forgive me for my horrible hate,
That started with acceptable scolding,
But now it’s too bloody late.

If you think such people are harmless,
Just airing a point of view,
Just remember the people they murder,
Who thought what they said was untrue.

While we sat waiting for talking to fail,
Unable to shoot in the Vietnam war,
The enemy poured in down the trail,
And more people died by the score.

Turning the other cheek is just stupid;
You just cop another blow to the head,
If it threatens get up and shoot it,
Because it can’t hurt you if it is dead.