Colin F. Jones


Has there ever been a time when there has not been a war?
What were great historic battles now are fanciful in yore.
For by the standards of today they were skirmishes and clashes,
Though with the development of arms, cities crumple into ashes.
Even neighbours fight each other though are subject to the law
That denies them greater conflict, though still families go to war.
What sort of God would allow it; allow disease and hate to breed?
What sort of God would this planet grow if He could change the seed?
For if one who could create it, then He could also banish strife;
Cure the sick and starving children who have no quality of life.
But He does not have the power or He does not have the will,
Or He does not exist; though we would believe in something still.
Because we are taught that we are sinners with no powers to succeed,
Though doctors and scientists, unlike God respond to need.