Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

I do not dwell on war, for it has gone.
It passed with every day since it occurred.
It rises not each day, as does the sun
Though of its deeper influence I’m not cured;
But why revive the torment of its wrath?
‘Twas but a year of my sixty years of life
No longer do I follow that crude path
These days I share my person with my wife
Yet so many seem to cling to yesterday,
Relive it lest it fades away and dies
Repeating all those words they still do say
Returning constant pain in their replies
We can’t forget but those who did not see
Will not recall it quite as you and me

~ 2 ~

Thus we do burden present with the past
Maintain the rage as a way of life
Repair the ragged flag upon the mast
In order to preserve an absent strife
Some do find advantage in their pain
While others suffer greatly without aid
Some do never thank but still complain
Some do reap who still are getting paid
Most do live without unpleasant thoughts
Of those bold days when they all went to war
Seeking out life’s affluent resorts
To shun the thoughts that they do all deplore
Whatever veterans do it seems the past,
Will in them live a flag flown at half-mast