Colin F. Jones


Had I died it would not be sacrifice,
At least not by me inspired,
Though it sounds good in paradise,
I’d rather live until retired.
For God and Country, No! I think not!
For the glory? No not that!
But because yes, I just got shot,
For I was where a round went splat!
After all I’d never hear the bugle,
They would say they blew for me,
Nor attend the big parade,
Celebrating, “he died to make us free”.
I’d be just another number,
Erased from life’s memory.

It was just another place to go to,
Another adventure to endure,
That’s what young men like me do,
Become a soldier and go to war.
Getting killed was no matter,
Being messed up was another thing;
I would rather it be the latter,
Than having to endure the suffering.
I was such a peaceful lad,
I would not have killed a fly,
And I was never really bad,
But still I was not afraid to die…
But then, I didn’t anyway…
And I still don’t know why.

My father wanted me to be a soldier,
But did not want me to go to war,
But he himself was a fine soldier,
So he really knew the score.
We went on fourteen major operations,
And though we fired a round or two,
There were few bad situations,
That we had to battle our way through.
Not like those brave US soldiers,
Who saw their buddies scream and die,
The world’s peace upholders,
Living out a bloody lie…
But still we were all soldiers,
Ours to do and not ask why.