Colin F. Jones


Got another medal today; forty years overdue,
It has the Malaysian clasp and a memory or two.
I wonder why they sent it after all this time…
The medal is brand new but I have lost my shine.
Billy would have liked it; he died some time ago,
Larry – well he died in Nam as Johnny did you know.
I’ll have to get it mounted to match the other three;
I guess they go together, just like my mates and me.
I guess they’ve all be sent one, those who went away,
The blokes I payed cards with in the mud and shit and clay.
My Mother would have liked it, and dad is very proud;
He has a few himself you know, and they jingle real loud.
I don’t know what they’re made from, but they are really red,
Carved from the bones of brothers who were lost and lying dead.