Colin F. Jones


Gone are the Daisies from the vanishing fields,
Gone are the sacred places we knew.
Spoiled are the fruits of the deteriorating yields,
As falsehoods replace the truth that they grew.
‘Tis always that evil will infiltrate the place,
Where people find sanctuary in a valley of peace
Bearing its sword and swinging its mace,
That the trust that prevailed doth tragically cease.
No longer are the secrets we shared without fear,
Held sacred and prized that friends truly share,
For now it is spite and ridicule we cheer,
For we think like ourselves that others might care.
Then let us open our gates that all peoples flow in,
Admitting that Peace over war cannot win.

This poem was the inspiration for the response, “Stand” ©Copyright November 13, 2004 by Faye Sizemore which in turn inspired the response, “Closed Shop” Copyright November 14, 2005 by Roger Liebmann