Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Who awaits the battle with prayer and doubt,
Awaits the battle filled with guilt.
Who fears to let his voice ring out,
Lest he be seen to cringe and wilt.
He knows what he must do is sin,
That to kill another man is wrong,
For he who truly believes in him,
Does not on the battle field belong.
Thus he in shame before his God,
Pleads afterwards for his soul,
That he’ll be forgiven in the sod,
And be raised to heaven whole,
And not to hell in sorrow plod,
For being such a fool.

~ 2 ~

Oh how we moan and wail and weep,
After the evil thing we’ve done,
To claim bad things disturb our sleep,
Due to our service to the gun.
Unrestrained we served the state
In defiance of our God,
But the smoke has cleared and it’s too late,
Now that for our guilt we sob.
Do we really believe in God above,
Or is faith just a useful word,
For truly Jesus taught us love,
And distributed not one sword.
Oh hypocrite, the soiled Dove
Is a false pretentious bird.