Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

~ 1 ~

You tell me things that fit your view,
Yet none of it has proven true,
Such thoughts are not based on what you see,
But on things you cannot show to me.
You make up words; paint myths as real,
None of what you say can you reveal;
What makes you think that you are right,
When you guess at colours in the night,
Then claim it true what you are fed,
By those who mapped the life you’ve led.
Thoughts change nothing that exists,
What is actual event still persists…
There is no evidence that when we die,
Some spirit from our bodies fly.

~ 2 ~

It is not that I choose to disbelieve,
For I would not myself try to deceive,
It is simply that I am unable to…
Believe that is… in what I think untrue.
I seek not to become what I am not,
Nor do I undermine with a secret plot
I see no evidence that speaks to me,
That would convince my mind to agree.
Your world lives inside your programmed head,
Perhaps you should use your eyes instead
For you will not see God anywhere,
Just the reality of life that we all share.
You plead and pray and ask for more,
But never do prayers, the peace restore.

~ 3 ~

Pray for me if you wish my friend,
I’ll not pray for you; I’ll not pretend,
I’ll offer you as much hope as you offer me,
With an equal chance of keeping you free.
I shall will that you live as long as you may,
That if your will is strong the better your day.
Oh yes I hope what you say is how it will be,
For indeed of my death I would like to be free.
But I see nothing but bodies rotting in graves,
For everyone dies; God none of them saves.
If it were true there’d be no mystery to solve,
Mystery keeps safe the myths we evolve.
Fear of death is the weapon used to deceive,
For based on its truth we are bound to believe.

~ 4 ~

The morals and ethics your religion imparts,
Need no such belief to intimidate our hearts,
We can be thankful and kind complimented by love,
Without worshipping an image said to reside up above.
Religion and law promote the same things,
But I learn from the bell the way that it rings.
We may think killing is wrong but our enemies do not,
Though if they turned their cheek no one would be shot.
It is one thing to preach another thing to do;
One hand is false the other hand is true.
It is the believers who wage war as their desires increase,
While rejecting the radicals who are marching for peace.
It’s the soldiers who suffer; their children and wives
For your God is not there to save any lives.

~ 5 ~

Fighting is what male animals are all tend to do
Regardless of religion and the priests point of view,
Tis always one searching for the top of the hill,
To promote over others his indelible will…
The church is no different with its institutionalized Pope,
Ruling over the masses offering falsified hope.
We fight in the playgrounds and on the fields in sport;
We compete for our women without having been taught.
Though there’s always some person seeking control,
There are times when self discipline just goes for a stroll.
It seems everything ‘normal’ by religion is opposed;
All the doors that stand open by believers are closed.
Prejudice is practiced implementing intolerant rules,
With the critical mindset of indoctrinated fools.

~ 6 ~

Why do you preach to God in your psalms
Why do you tell him what you would have him do,
Why do you ask to dwell in his arms,
Why is it you are thinking only of you.
Why do you ridicule the fangs of the lion,
Did not God fashion them for the taste of blood,
Why would you blunt the spear of the hunter,
Why are those different not understood?
You say some people are born and are wicked,
And some people are born and are good,
Yet god made them both from the same ticket,
That they be who they are as they should.
It is God who says “I’ll be the judge,”
But it is you who defies this to grudge.

~ 7 ~

Practice your intent or seek not to preach;
Do not dismiss your God and become
A judge who keeps eating the peach,
While beating his own infallible drum.
Hypocrites or just despicable fools,
Changing meanings to suit what you say;
Editing the already changed rules,
Resorting back to the originals to pray,
Putting words in the mouth of your God –
Raising banners and flags in his name,
As, across the harsh battle fields, you plod
Without humility and without any shame.
Then you suffer as the wounded and lame;
Suffering the retribution of terrible pain.