Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

I invite God into my mind;
He resides there…
becoming real due to my thinking!

I open my mind;
God becomes my thought…
Have I now substituted God for myself?

God has risen from nothing,
to become my thought,
becoming real due to my thinking,
for He was not real before.

God is now the state of my mind.
He exists nowhere else.
Had I not allowed my thoughts
to be changed thus…
God would not exist!

If through confidence in myself,
attended by matching thought,
I succeeded in something,
then it would not
have been due to thoughts of God,
which were absent.

Had they been in residence…
I would have thanked God,
for my achievement.


Religion insists on failure,
lack of self-confidence,
low moral and self-defamation.
Without it, it cannot survive!

The Armed forces use the same,
mind machine… to train recruits…
make them feel inferior,
then reward them
for doing things as directed…
shaping them into an obedient,
responsive unit… training their
minds to think a certain way…
but in their case the State,
and not God is the mastermind,
through unit worship,
and on to the flag,
which represents all achievement,
supported… of course by God.

But men when threatened in battle
do not turn to God,
nor the State, nor the flag,
but to each other.
For they discover that is where it all is.
Their thoughts are overcome with reality,
and truth.
There is nothing else.