Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

~ 1 ~

Where is this God you speak of?
Show me where he lives
Show me the ways he helps you,
Show me the things he gives.
Does he cure you in your sickness?
Aid you when you’re ill?
Does he lead you into battle
To slaughter maim and kill?
Does he save you from your enemy?
Does he turn away the shell?
Does he reward you for your bravery,
Or send you off to Hell?
Where is this God you speak of
For whom your soldiers fell?

~ 2 ~

Well we don’t know where he lives,
Other than in our minds,
And the things that he gives,
Are somewhat hard to find.
No he does not cure our sickness,
No does he lead against the foe,
For from war He would restrict us,
And tell us not to go.
Yes he rewards us for our bravery,
If we raise no hand to fight,
For the greatest of God’s soldiers
Is the peaceful knight.
For there are no soldiers bolder,
Than those who will not fight.