Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

God changed all speech and unity destroyed,
Turned one against the other by this act,
Though war doth wage it cannot now restore,
The consequences of this very fact.
Was not this done to stop mans growing power,
That they might breach the gap twixt God and man,
Has this not led to the rebuilding of the tower,
And was it not coincidently destroyed again.
The superstitious minds of ignorant men,
Who read so many words that are not there,
Drawing none existent images in their heads,
In order to define their self despair……
All good Christians still do as their God wills,
For maintaining prejudice his command fulfils.

Then is it not the racist and the fool,
Whose prejudice in ignorance still transpires
To use their primitive reasoning as a tool,
To fuel kaleidoscopic flames in racist fires.
Tis not the church nor God nor greedy priests,
Who work towards the ending of all war,
It’s simple people who in their fear resist,
The total prejudice of religious law.
God made us men; he made us men to sin,
And in his image made us strong and bold,
And he doth know my argument with him,
For by his grace he’s allowed me to grow old.
Thus here I end what I now think is true,
And sincerely hope that your God blesses you.

The wind is coolish for a Summer night,
The stars are bright and silver is the moon,
I sit here in the incandescent light,
And I guess I’ll be off to bed quite soon.
Across the seas Americas cherished sons,
Prepare again to meet a foe in war,
And our best soldiers have taken up their guns,
To join their friends as they have done before
I wish them well but in my heart I cry,
Knowing that my words can nothing change,
For in the coming battles some will die,
And those who read my lines will think me strange.,
But then God knows the knowledge he gives me,
Will perish with the blind who cannot see.
For the greater plan is not for us to know,
Lest we discover a world without a foe.