Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

~ 1 ~

The dividing doctrine, of contempt,
for those who disagree,
And have the will to be exempt,
And the audacity to think they’re free.
It complicates a simple act,
Makes righteous who are not,
Defining myth as proven fact,
Giving what it has not got.
It elevates the boisterous male,
Over his female counterpart,
And uses God to hide detail,
Of a cruel and callous heart.
And when so often it doth fail,
From truth it doth depart.

~ 2 ~

It condemns those people who are born,
Who not by choice are gay,
Who live their lives in bitter scorn,
From those who have the say.
There are some very kindly folk,
Who fail to see their sin,
For what they see is just a joke,
For they see it all in him.
They see themselves as always right,
Have narrow points of view,
And though they oft may be polite,
They’ll still look down at you.
Some of course who hold their faith,
Think right is all they do.

~ 3 ~

Tis prejudice and causes war,
That millions of people die,
But God is theirs of that they’re sure,
Because they believe their in-built lie.
It is never them who cause the strife,
It is someone else’s fault,
For who doth live a different life,
Must not their progress halt.
For they must rule at any cost,
They must rule the heart and brain,
To live the lie lest all be lost,
And they reap no monetary gain.
For though God may be our Holy Ghost,
Religion is our shame.

~ 4 ~

God did not appoint the Catholic Pope,
He was appointed by his peers,
He’s no more sacred than a dope,
With elongated ears.
He’s just a man who wields power,
Over folk with programmed minds,
Who have no choice but to devour,
What forced devoutness so defines.
God’s son did not in riches bathe,
Nor sit upon a throne,
He did not make one man his slave,
Nor one thought of hate condone.
Nor did he in his good heart crave,
To destroy all but his own.

~ 5 ~

Why is there so much greed and hate,
In this righteous Christian place,
Where everyone claims to relate,
To God and know his face.
Is this contradiction just a view,
Of all those who are wrong,
Or is it just the outcast few,
Who do not to God belong
Religion has failed to keep the peace,
It has failed in love and care,
By its own greed our sins increase,
There is dissatisfaction everywhere
For now it must from lies release,
Its slaves for truth to share.

~ 6 ~

So many factions shrapnel parts,
From an alter that has split,
So many confused and broken hearts,
That are the sad results of it.
There is nothing stable the mountain flares,
The rivers are all in flood,
The people it seems have lost their cares,
Yet they still think they are good.
Tis a fact of truth that we grow old,
That life slowly drains away,
That the relentless flower of truth unfolds,
Regardless of what we say,
That in the end deaths hand controls,
The birth of every day.

~ 7 ~

So believe your truth though it may be,
That your truth is just a lie,
For on this Earth I do not see,
A better man than I.
And all your Kings and Queens and Popes,
Whoever they may be,
Are people with the same sad hopes,
As in the hearts of you and me.
Religion is a set of rules;
The doctrine of a Church,
Which seeks to dominate the minds of fools,
Who for themselves do search,
For God lives in our own good souls,
That no religion can besmirch.