Colin F. Jones

Author’s Note: The following are Sections 1 to 4 of my unedited investigation into the “free thinking” alternative to organized religion. Any part of this found to be offensive by the reader, is for the reader and his/her own conscience to deal with. This effort will someday be included as a volume to “God and War” in case some do not understand its relationship to war.


Section 1: The Spiritual Ethics of Life

~ 1 ~

Our spiritual duty lies in the awareness,
Of the personal responsibility for ourselves,
Recognizing free will in ourselves and others,
In all the functions in which we delve
Since there are many ways to paradise,
Let us not proclaim our way as right,
For our ethics may not be considered nice,
By other’s who seek their own delight
Let us be willing to question what we are taught,
Let wisdom through experience unfold,
We may not always be doing what we ought,
By doing what we are told.
Thus in the doctrine of religion never be caught,
And consider these words as they unfold.

~ 2 ~

We possess in ourselves shadow and light,
Which must be balanced in our hearts,
So harm not yourself with malicious spite,
For you become what your will imparts.
Be prepared to change tis the universal constant,
That determines the rebirth of life,
Often the season demands a new encampment,
Justified by the avoidance of strife.
Develop an etiquette uniquely your own,
But a social conduct befitting the code,
Expressed in the law where you dwell in your home,
And establish your own living mode.
For civilized people by politeness have shown,
That respect is better than goad.

~ 3 ~

Respond to those who advise and give aide,
In a manner which lightens their soul,
Sell nothing for which you have not paid,
To your friends for silver nor gold.
Seeking to control, the mind of another,
Is a shame that will eat you away
As is lying to gain the love of a brother,
For you are judged by all that you say.
If you have secrets expect not to be trusted,
Be open minded but take control of your tongue,
For the thoughts you reveal will be carefully mustered,
And by the biased interpreted wrong.
And when all of your shelves are openly dusted,
They will steal the words of your song.

~ 4 ~

Determine your essence the things that you feel,
Be true to the person within,
For anguish and pain with what you conceal,
Enhances the fear of sin.
Central prophets and thinkers should not be all male,
Women should not be regulated to roles of dupe,
As is taught by the Churches lest they should fail,
To overcome the woman’s dispute.
Equilibrium of right, of spiritual right,
Requiring a deity of understanding that both,
The man and the woman are measured in sight,
Of a union they unto themselves betroth.
For the value of women is etched in their right,
To stand equal in substance and cloth.

~ 5 ~

Some buy their penance from their celibate priests,
Though not condoned by their glorious Lord,
And in their ignorance they dutifully continue to increase,
A birth rate that the Earth can’t afford.
They are victimized from infancy by Church subjection,
Of impractical and outmoded creeds,
The women without adequate choice of protection,
Lose all control over their individual seeds.
And I condemn this ruthless irresponsible practice,
That spreads AIDS a known killer decease,
That deprives the woman with coercive doctrine,
Of the true values only she can perceive
For the maintaining of numbers disguised as an ethic,
And an argument designed to deceive.

~ 6 ~

Let us hold in reverence the land of our birth,
(That under the Church we greedily pollute),
And cause no profanity that now pillages the Earth,
That it’s germ fails to germinate and shoot.
A fecund formation of acceptable dreams
Nourished by the spiritual activity of life,
Should spontaneously blossom like springs into streams,
Like a man’s love growing in his soul for his wife.
Equi-potential beings share a wisdom much deeper,
Than that of the master and slave,
But the Church system fails to rainbow the creature,
For it establishes a white bread enclave.
That places it’s doctrine in the hands of a preacher,
Who might love from his celibacy crave.

~ 7 ~

The quintessential essence of the fulcrum character,
The innate spirit which resides deep within
Cannot be altered its function is non-rational,
Pre-verbal and uncontaminated with sin.
The instinctive morality that nurtures our reason,
To distinguish cold water from fire,
Adapts to the laws of the particular season,
Defining the truth from the words of the liar.
We know without knowing but never assuming,
For we are born on a spiritual plane,
Formed as an ingredient of life that is blooming,
That in death will true life sustain,
For we are part of a rainbow spiritually structured,
For the lantern of life to retain.

~ 8 ~

The essential form of what we are,
Is unseen but felt unknown but known
intelligible and incorruptible and born,
From the mysterious seed that is first sown.
Call it the spirit or call it the soul,
It contains no demons for it is pure,
Magnifying goodness as a whole,
Beyond the sinful mind that is unsure,
Of truth and nature of what it feels,
Of what it clings to with doubt and hope,
That it to suggestion often yields,
When it thinks with life it cannot cope.
Yet is corrupted by its own false shields,
The doctrines of the priests and Pope.

~ 9 ~

The media forces conception to alter the views,
In the minds of the people to sensationalize strife
As does repetitive religion to those in the pews
Manipulative Instruments of the perception of life.
The true knowledge of self is never allowed,
Self thought a prospect that threatens the lie,
It is condemned all thought that might make you proud,
And death is held over you until in fact you die,
A tool of blackmail to prop up a belief,
That outside the fine dome the air is all bad,
That to think for yourself will bring you much grief,
Which is enforced by the laws that make you so sad.
For your choice is the sea waves or the deck of the ship,
Where you drown if you leave or walk the plank if you slip.

~ 10 ~

If we find the demons we think exist in others,
Then we will find the demons we think live in ourselves,
For the more of this that a persistent man discovers,
The more mysteries living inside himself he solves.
Except in the mind a demon does not exist,
And can only do so if in demons he believes,
Demons are ancient make-believe, for irritations that persist,
Not really “monsters” that the rational mind perceives.
It is first to know what is and is not true,
For to believe such things is negative and wrong,
It is belief in myth the created lies in you,
That are the negative invaders living where they don’t belong
And you will but suffer so long as you believe it true,
That a demon is real and that inside you it grew.

~ 11 ~

The nascence of qabalistic ritual is ancient indeed,
But its offspring survive in religion and in Church,
Which rely on the plants that grow from its seed,
To produce dictatorial odours that free minds besmirch.
Misinterpretations are due to the inadequate tools,
Of reception and use by biased minds and unskilled
Ambitious self serving speculative fools,
Who have nothing but gain in their hearts to be fulfilled.
They are obliged to have faith in an absent Dictator,
Designed from the multiform creators of old,
Created in their minds by a fanciful orator,
Who had less passion for God than he had for his gold.
Though he plundered and murdered killing his own family,
He was welcomed to enter the all forgiving fold.

~ 12 ~

You can mend your heart in your inner solitude,
In the tranquil silence of yourself,
Bathed in the dreams and heavenly latitudes,
Of your own deep spiritual wealth
You can think good things and dwell in light,
Where the shadows cannot reach,
And turn your sorrow into fond delight,
Without the obstructions that some do preach
The mind is true to itself if left alone,
If it is not contaminated with false belief,
It is not a solid sacred stone
But reacts to pain and grief.
And to the thoughts free will doth hone,

~ 13 ~

There is no true death and no control over it,
There is only change from one condition to another,
A transcendent consciousness afloat in mystery,
Like an unborn child inside its Mother
Superstitions and speculation form our myths,
For to the unknown we must give a name,
And in so doing the argument shifts,
That mortal Earthlings soon proclaim,
That they have discovered the source of life,
From bits of transcripts worn and old,
Written by unknown men from another time,
Who prized their women much less than gold.
Who believed the Sun to be divine,
And most things that they were told.

~ 14 ~

Humanity is corrupted by the neuroses of guilt
Imposed in the name of the divine,
By the doctrines of scribes with their pens dipped in silt,
Who edit carefully every line.
But guilt I reject because it inhibits free thought,
And takes self responsibility away,
Innate sin is a lie for corruption is taught,
And individuality challenges their way.
Heaven is here on the Earth and here is our Hell,
Death is a transition into new life
Without punishment nor reward ringing the bell,
Of the churches that cause all the strife.
We are all living flames of the fire divine,
The essence of the existence of all that is life.

~ 15 ~

Are you holding your breath, occasionally breathing,
When you think no one will hear you sneeze,
Keeping your secrets though inside you are seething,
Because you wanted to plant your own tree’s.
All myths come from visions becoming rote phrases,
Until a gathering turns it into a force,
That is scribed into doctrine not understood but amazes,
Those ignorant followers whom it doth endorse.
That it blossoms and blooms into routine and habit,
Sustained by fear and guilt
That spreads like the birth rate of the promiscuous rabbit
For upon superstition all Churches are built.
Until it becomes the flower of a modern great nation,
Whose petals will wither and wilt.

~ 16 ~

Do what you will if it does no other folk harm,
Let your morality and ethics be your guide,
Yet seek from the world with a rational calm,
The malfunctions that are hidden inside.
Take nothing for granted and fear not to doubt,
And be prepared to change your view,
Plan your own action that you don’t miss out,
When something interesting is beckoning you.
Cooperation is a must a survival imperative,
For few things can be done on your own,
So be aware of your actions that are always relative,
To what other people in life condone.
Yet never lose the principles that make you effective
By judging others by your principles alone.

Section 2: A Question of Ethics

~ 17 ~

Are not your thoughts germinated from belief,
Belief in things so fleeting and so brief,
That they do not exist other than in your mind,
For outside of it these things you cannot find.
Where are the facts to support the thoughts you form,
On what knowledge do your words perform,
What do you know other than what you see,
Yours are all just words which from the truth do flee.
You promote false hope and cause improper dream,
While all other free thought you ardently demean.
You are a forcibly indoctrinated messenger of a cult,
That seeks to control human thinking that will result,
In a central power on Earth with a dictatorial head,
Without opposition; for all opposition would be dead.

~ 18 ~

Tis like a bee hive the world your thoughts aspire,
All working for the central dictator or a father Sire.
In one way unlike, for a woman could never perceive,
To be known as an equal thus could not such power achieve,
But in all other ways the hive compares in form,
To the system the Church doth strive to make the norm.
Look where the fundamental beliefs are still applied,
The woman remains a slave without the right to decide.
It was the wrongs of the Church that hastened the woman to cry,
For an alteration to this fundamental demeaning lie,
That the women rose beyond the all male enclaves,
To declare to all, “We are no longer mans sexual slaves.
Thanks to the pill and mans own insatiable need,
To fill his coffers to establish more power with greed.

~ 19 ~

There are always more babies more children are born,
Pure and free like unmolested ears of corn
To institutionalize for implantation of the meticulous creed,
That more little Catholics and Anglicans we can breed
They have no choice, their growing minds cannot resist,
For the forceful teachers will always relentlessly persist,
That the free will they are born with; the God given choice,
Is contaminated by doctrine from a fastidious voice.
And we are told this is freedom that respects our true will,
Then along came some common sense; the birth of the pill.
But this does not faze them for they have control over the minds,
Of millions of people that poverty defines,
As people exploited for though most of their children will die,
Nature urges their passions to help them survive.

~ 20 ~

We used to be villages without wills of our own,
Controlled by the gentry who owned the fields and our homes,
Classified by riches that few had worked for,
But still collected the rent from the villages door.
Likewise we were herded to the Church every day,
Where we would for lost hope continue to pray.
Indeed our futures were settled before we were born,
Working from Sunup until it was dawn.
We could not have ambitions no artists were we,
Only rich folk had pencils and talents you see,
And officers had the right to send you to die,
In battles we fought without the right to ask why.,
And often when thinking because we were all white,
Why many still think that killing black men is right.

~ 21 ~

I knew nothing of prejudice of racism and hate,
Until I left my own sanctuary through the open front gate,
And sailed the seas to countries unknown,
Where thinking was different to that of my own.
In Australia where my family and I settled down,
I discovered a new phrase called “wearing a frown”.
Well the hardship of poverty made me turn to the Lord,
But we still could not get what we could not afford.
And these mocking Catholics who thought God was their own,
Would not give a thing but would take what we’d grown.
They mimicked our voices and called us bad names,
But we saw through their prejudice and inaccurate claims
For they were the ones who were lost and unsure
Clinging to their doctrines that made them so insecure.

~ 22 ~

We passed through all the ridicule the bias and lies,
And though we knew what they were none did we despise.
But they had taught me some lessons I’d never forget,
Though to have lived through those times I’ll always regret.
We were marked by religion and classed by the same,
If you were not a Catholic then you put up with the pain.
Even worse were the Freemasons a brotherhood type clique,
Who unto themselves and no other would stick.
But both the Church and Masons in the future ate dust,
Because their followers in droves lost in them their trust.
So the doctrines they changed to suit the changed times,
For numbers were more sacred than the Cathedral Bell chimes.
For when the money stops flowing and the people break free,
Then it is time for a meeting to establish a modified decree.

~ 23 ~

Despite all your prayers the raging river will flood,
The fire storms will still burn destroying animals and wood
Wars will go on and the soldiers fighting will die
And not one word the Church preaches will these eventualities decide.
They establish the spark that will turn to a flame,
Because they condemn all opposition to further their gain.
That the goodness they preach is decided in blood,
Because those in obedience wearing the patriotic hood
Are taught in the same way as the children of sin,
That they must not have their own thoughts just a motive to win.
Given some power and a clique of ethics to perform,
Officers are trained to think they are better than norm,
But their purpose is simply to send men to their deaths,
With the authority of Satan strong on their breaths.

~ 24 ~

The word sacrifice is used because it compares them with Christ,
A politicians word and a cunning device.
For soldiers don’t really sacrifice their lives,
Like the drones for the Queen streaming out from their hives.
A soldier fights to the end, and runs when he can,
Weather he fights for the Czar or old Uncle Sam,
But to sacrifice his life because he is willing to die,
Is in fact for most soldiers just a political lie
But the veterans don’t mind because it makes them sound good,
And it is not them any more shedding their blood.
Soldiers do what their leaders tell them to do,
Unless its a good mate giving his life just for you.
For that’s what all Warriors fight for where the battles do rage,
The rest is just history on a well weathered page.

~ 25 ~

Some soldiers don’t pattern their lives on the men,
Who obey every whim from officers given to them,
Some will stand up and say what it is they know,
Or just turn their backs in an endeavour to show,
That rank does not mean that he’s always right,
And only a fool will die just to measure his height.
Some men know how to lead some haven’t a clue,
Some holding the rank are no better than you.
Some stand up and die because they are ordered to die,
Without a question for reason, without the word “why? “
Wasting their lives because they failed to see,
With the thoughts in their own heads the flight of the bee.
What good is a dead soldier who for an order has died,
Without a good reason to show that he tried.

~ 26 ~

Let us look then through our biased eyes of green,
And fit our preformed images into the other’s scene,
Erase the smudges paint the dark clouds from the sky,
Goodness, now it looks like us!! I wonder why?
We would hide the evidence but we have no evidence to hide,
We could put forth proof, but we failed each time we tried.
All we have is faith. In something we cannot feel,
In what we cannot see nor smell nor borrow rent nor steal.
We have belief!! Which means we have no facts;
That we do not know the truth though we claim there’s stacks.
All we have is symbols words and priests,
And minds filled with the doctrines of the beast,
That hides itself behind the walls of law,
While innocent soldiers die to fight their war

~ 27 ~

We who sit in conflict pursue our goals,
With eager wills and challenge in our souls,
Soaked with the rain that from our landscape falls,
Some on umbrellas some where our shadow falls.
Yet reunited with that which rose as a mist,
For tis the water from which we’re made we can’t resist.
We tap the pools and purify them with our ways,
Scooping the mud and debris from the containing trays,
That when we drink the flavour is the same,
And will so long as we hold it pure remain.
Yet our Holy water that in ritual has false source,
Still runs into the drain of the water course,
That people of it drink who do not share,
The bountiful prospects of which they are not aware.

~ 28 ~

Some do their knowledge collect and seek,
For self promotion and to help them speak,
While some do like to know more things,
Due to the wisdom that it brings,
For surely they who gain such wealth,
Do practice more their skill at stealth,
And bound in silence hide their chest,
Where perhaps it doth in darkness rest.
For none who think they know it all,
Will turn to ask what might befall,
A person who but mimics those,
Who trained his mind in comatose
When it was hardly yet full formed,
Though with a crown was fully thorned.

~ 29 ~

What is not known like ghosts attack the brain,
Like as on a night so black it awakens claim,
To hearing things that follow close behind,
Your own footsteps producing that feared sound
That causes haste spurred on by furtive glance,
Over the shoulder where the spectres dance,
And when at speed with panic in your heart,
That from which you flee of you becomes a part.
Hiding dormant in your memory until the night,
Returns again to release its phantom flight,
Into the dungeons of your sadder mind,
Searching for the fears that it might find,
To dine upon the nerves that gave it life,
To cause a long lain spiteful inner strife.

~ 30 ~

How do you argue with the script carved on your brain,
How can you raise debate if you think it bares your name,
How do you challenge this ghost you think is you,
That claimed the essence of the natural will you knew.
Are these your thoughts spontaneous and germ free,
Of your real self; the self you want to be,
Or are they doctrines from an outside tutor source,
That as a child you absorbed with a gentle force.
Like flavoured lemons charged to taste so sweet,
That your desire would crave their ill repeat.
What of yourself do you really know,
When from you mind another’s thoughts do flow,
That tarnish what your essence really means,
On those sleepless nights of disturbing dreams.

Section 3: The Inner Spirit

~ 31 ~

Why seek that which is already within you?
Why bow to the doctrines of another?
Can the mighty leader of large armies,
Become as a woman, a Mother?
Only those who are thought to be, are mighty
For they become what your thoughts perceive;
For it is the servant who gives the master propriety
And in giving it, therefore must grieve.
If you depart the hub of the fulcrum,
There will be many pathways out to the rim
From whence all pathways return to the fulcrum,
For the end is where you begin.
And it will not matter what you have discovered,
Though all you have discovered is sin.

~ 32 ~

Wisdom is older than God or God would not exist,
And the Sun is older than the holy bible.
A flood would not be if the river did not persist,
And the flood plain would not be viable.
You will hobble your spirit if you seek another’s care,
And lose friends the more of yourself you speak.
When you become yourself, you will not compare,
Nor will you compete, for you are as yourself unique,
Walk away from yourself and discover the truth,
Seeing not a blemish in the image you view.
For there, in yourself, is the ultimate proof
That you were born just to be you.
Advice without force, because its aloof,
Caresses, then melts like the dew.

~ 33 ~

Cutting down the tree will never make it grow,
And what we plant there will not be a tree.
Attitude germinates from the seeds that you sow,
Which are collected from all that you see.
What your soul will receive is what you give up;
What you take you never can own.
It’s like trying to retain water in an overfilled cup –
At yourself you are pointing the bone.
Some stand in the glare of their own shining light,
But then, only their shadow is seen.
It is better in darkness to be lost in the night
Than to be caught in a narrow lit beam.
For remember the image will surely delight
The speculation of the journalists dream.

~ 34 ~

Let intuition lead you to poetical thought.
Do not plan what you are going to say;
It takes but a word in your conscience, caught
It will surface to show you the way.
Believe in yourself let your essence unite
With the air that you cherish and breathe.
Let truth warm your heart to bring you delight
That love is in all you perceive.
Fall not to despair at the words of another –
Let time prepare your reply;
It is not your concern his argument to smother
But to establish your right to defy
And to state your own case that he may discover,
That it is truth that glints in your eye.

~ 35 ~

Is not a flower content to be a flower,
A bird content to be a bird?
Does a mongoose pray every hour;
Would that not be absurd?
Are you not a creature in a wonderland
Shared by the mongoose and the bird,
Where flowers grow at either hand,
Despite all that has occurred?
If you do nothing, nothing will be done,
But change will still take place…
It matters not who owns the gun,
The war will still bring us disgrace.
And when it’s all said and done,
There will still be girls to chase.

~ 36 ~

With expectation, disappointment comes
And with it comes the pain.
Why then count on tomorrows suns
When it may well cloud and rain?
You cannot predict what comes tomorrow
As you cannot great wisdom claim;
So why disturb your peace with sorrow,
From which there is no gain?
When you know your man is fighting,
Why think that he might die
When you can think it so exciting
That the days are passing by,
And soon you’ll be inviting,
Him home for apple pie?

Section 4: Exposing the Truth

~ 37 ~

We walk in sin but forgiven by God;
We walk without a care
Because we think we walk to paradise
That may well not be there.
We will be judged by God, not by the Church
When the time of judgment comes,
We’ll not be led to heaven by a priest
Who the bible teachings shuns.
We have lost our way in evangelic fog
And turned from Jesus Christ’s true path.
Where have those fond communities gone,
Where we met to talk and to laugh?
It is now just a monetary market place
Built from a vermilion cenotaph?

~ 38 ~

Morality instilled leads to disciplined accord
In the minds of the people who follow.
But deception is the rule the politicians record,
Circumspection being counterfeit and hollow.
It is not about people in the true sense of care,
It is about money and money is power,
And it is only the results that most of us share,
Mixed from the blood of those they devour.
They starve and they die while corporations get rich,
They are murdered and raped every day;
And it’s the governments we pay who mark out the pitch
And supply the weapons with which they do play.
And we all sit back in our comfortable homes
With everything, but nothing to say.

~ 39 ~

Where are the protests, the street marches, and cries
From the people who claim to resist?
Do they care if a few thousand native folk die?
Do they rise up to condemn and persist?
Well, we altered their culture; took wealth from their land,
Now we leave them to suffer in Hell
Because the God we claim to be guiding our hand
Seems to be off somewhere taking a spell.
Oh let us all pray, let us pray, bloody pray!!
Because it seems praying is all we can do;
For it makes us feel better while we continue to pay
For the callous tools of the cold blooded few;
Condoning the acts we claim not to condone
With our inactive and self serving view.

~ 40 ~

They were condemned as witches the shamans,
Thought to be a threat to institutionalized priests;
Their wisdom and knowledge distorted
With the invention of the demon the spiritual beast.
Alchera was a sky god of the indigenous Aranda,
Who created the Earth before retiring to the sky.
Altjira[•] , a true God from the dreamtime[•],
Was not to the Aranda people a lie.
But along came the Protestants and Catholics,
Wearing dresses right down to their shoes,
Who argued for the rights to exploit them,
Whatever was decided only the natives would lose.
For their culture was ignored and oppressed by
Those who dishonoured their free right to choose.

~ 41 ~

Bahloo[•] shines silver reflections upon Anjea
Where the souls of the people reside,
And new babies are born every year
To be nurtured and raised carefully with pride.
They will be taught how to live in the land
Where they must live and thus must survive,
And to always be skilful, and command
The essence of their instincts and drive.
They had animal totems which they could not eat
Thus preserving them in their area of hunt;
Thus each Clan had a territory to keep
And sometimes encroaches to confront.
For the beauty of the Lubra in blossom
Was a temptation that only nature could blunt.

~ 42 ~

They spend a million dollars to save a whale
While they let starving children die.
Surely this hypocritical culture cannot prevail;
We can’t continue to live such a lie.
Where are the community leaders with banners flying?
Where are the crowds protesting out loud?
Nobody cares who is living or dying
As they indifferently drape the world in a shroud.
Is this freedom, this attitude, this lack of care
In the brutal realism of slaughter and pain,
This affluence, this isolation, this apathy we share,
The result of the ethical morals we claim
Were given by God… the only God we declare,
Who forgives all our sins in his name.

~ 43 ~

In their pretty white dresses they stand there,
They look whiter because the children are black,
They are shoeless but have ribbons in their hair,
As shyly they hide behind each other’s backs.
The old battle-axe – the matron stands near
Doing her best to counterfeit a smile,
But all the children are aware of her stare
And all have experienced her terrible guile.
They have all been taken away from their Mothers
In the good name of the Christian God
And separated from their sisters and brothers
To be forcefully saddled and shod.
But they weep in their hearts for their Mothers,
As back into the schoolhouse they plod.

~ 44 ~

Kunapipi, the mother goddess of heroes
And the patron deity of the bold and the brave,
Would weep to see the shell holes and craters,
Each one a smoking undignified grave.
For none of the victims are soldiers –
They are children who starve and die,
Or are killed randomly by cruel cowards
Who are simply just passing by.
Who cares for the children and people
Who have no weapons with which to fight;
Whose ears hear not the bells from the temple
Where their killers will be praying tonight,
Who have found killing is an ultimate emotion
That brings them a psychotic delight.

~ 45 ~

The grandest march to work each passing day
By motor car or bus or by swift feet,
Just seeking with their hands to make their way,
Forming rushing crowds that fill the street.
All those same folk, so far from where they work,
Are so like puppets attached to higher realm
Where sit the rich, the powerful, and the clerk,
Who make the laws and seek to overwhelm.
For there, in little rooms, they plot and scheme,
Finding ways to gain more wealth and power,
And when their ambitious thoughts become extreme,
Tis those who toil in peace that they devour
And send them off to war to die and rot,
For something they don’t want and haven’t got.

~ 46 ~

The faster people travel, the less their eyes will see;
Who sets his mind on something will always disagree.
The branches that survive have learned, in wind, to bend,
And the way of apprehension the fool won’t comprehend.
More devious thoughts, much talking secretly doth make,
In one who talks, just to talk, just for talking’s sake.
Who seeks to please you most of all is not your real friend,
For his false smile will hide the guilt that he cannot defend.
More oft by action, truth revealed, describes another’s way;
Though flowery words will win your heart, their petals will decay.
Who casts his float in shadow will catch the biggest fish
But it will not be the sweetest meat that occupies your dish.
And he who does not question, challenge, and berate
Will always be a follower and slavery will be his fate.

~ 47 ~

Jealousy is caused by distrust; usually justified.
Anger is from disturbed emotions deep down inside.
Envy reveals a lack of confidence in one’s very self,
And fear is the natural cause of a person’s stealth.
If we did not shiver we would know that we were cold,
And pain and inability tell us that we are growing old.
Defending one’s religion is a foolish thing to do;
It simply means you fail to acknowledge another’s point of view.
To judge another’s acts or works, self superiority defines,
That the other’s thoughts may reject, thus respect for you declines.
For something is not made brilliant just because you think it so,
For another may not like the path down which you choose to go.
Tis simply choice; we choose to like or we may choose to hate,
And neither choice, by itself, can perpetuate its fate.

~ 48 ~

It is often in the seeking that we do fail to find
What in our minds should be there so clearly defined.
But we see not where we’re walking if we look too far ahead,
We need to know where we walk, on which ground our feet do tread.
Wild horses take their own trail and eagles drift in air,
For all do have a unique way that balance is everywhere.
It is not the desert dwellers place, to fish through solid ice,
Nor a fishes place to swim in sand for life is more precise.
Our unique spirits grow and breed where we have cast our seeds,
And wisdom grows to nourish us according to our needs.
We form our own opinions from the way we must relate,
Not according to another’s will, as some do oft dictate.
For truth hides not in doctrines scribed by an ancient priest,
But in the life around you from which your essence feasts.

To be continued…