Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

~ 1 ~

Guidance from the religious indifferent
Is not taken by who believes in the Lord,
Conforming not to the prejudiced crowd,
Stained not by their speculating word.
Their concern is the true will of God,
Their daily prosperity is based on his love,
Like a rich tree in the rich soil of the good,
Yielding fruits in the branches above,
Manifesting their lives with the will,
With blessings for others to reap,
A good life that all can fulfil,
As productive and purposeful sheep
With faith in the Lord to keep
The dreams ever pure in their sleep.

~ 2 ~

In self destruction the unbelievers shall walk,
For they choose the unmarked trail,
Like sand grains beneath the feet of the stalk,
Leaves windblown and scattered like hail.
They cannot challenge the judgments of God,
For every such quest doth fail,
Like a flood overcoming the sod,
Like the desert sand filling their pail.
They can’t stand in the company of the faithful,
Without furtively looking away,
For they have no beliefs that are truthful,
God’s sun shines not in their day.
Eternal their saviour and master,
For his is the righteous way.

~ 3 ~

Dictators persecute the Lord,
Governments all over the world,
They wield against him a futile sword,
Stray cattle from his faithful herd
Divided on all other things,
Yet united to oppose his restraints,
They seek to wallow in the power it brings,
And the glory it counterfeit paints.
But the Lord God laughs at their will,
For God is the only true King,
For only God can our lives fulfil
Thus secure are those servants who sing,
Songs that praise the true Lord,
Who live by his invaluable word

~ 4 ~

This faith I have is fertile so they say,
Why would God care about my petty woes
Yet God is always with me every day,
His love envelopes me to my very toes.
In his good time God will set me free,
Of all my frailty and my other faults,
For all my defects he can clearly see,
And all the truth my love of him exalts.
I’ll not by conflict lose my lifelong faith,
Not turn away from God’s advice and truth,
No matter what the non-believers say,
My attitude will serve as his pure proof,
So help me God to find the power of you,
That I can express in everything I do.

~ 5 ~

Dear God I am your servant in distress,
I am your disciple in despair,
I am unhappy and so depressed,
Oh how I need your loving care.
Those whom I considered good friends,
Gloat over my errors and woes,
Rejoicing in my failures their trend,
Seeking only to soil my clothes.
Those around me but moan and complain,
Beg for divine example of your might,
Yet I who doth worship your name,
Have discovered a relationship of delight.
Eternally secure in the love you increase
I can lie down to sleep in peace.

~ 6 ~

This proud and self sufficient Earth,
Does it no longer need the Lord,
Is God’s word now lacking worth,
Does it have all it can afford?
I commit myself once more to you,
Help me walk your given way,
Give me thy grace to see life through,
To overcome the obstacles of each day.
For the philosophies of this world untrue,
Resemble not that which is revealed,
By the enlightenment of the good in you,
For your reverent truth is not concealed.
Let us see through the superficial shallows
That ultimately build self destructive gallows.

~ 7 ~

I beg you Lord, to enter my dispute,
I am failing and falling apart,
I cannot withstand this harsh refute,
These perpetual defeats in my heart.
Increasingly discouraged by my frailties,
My fallibilities my many defects,
I suffer from such cruel penalties,
To which my true faith must object.
How can I be sure that you understand,
That you discern my pleas for aid,
That you will give me the strength to stand,
Even in defeat in the shade.
Let my weaknesses serve you oh Lord,
Let thy hand wield my paper sword.

~ 8 ~

Let me die if I’ve blighted a soul,
Let the squad fire until I am dead,
Lest I live depleted not whole,
For the things I have done and have said.
You know I am my own great foe,
You know the secrets I have in my heart,
You judge me where ever I go,
From you I cannot depart.
Oh, when will all this evil end,
Deliver me from it to peace,
Oh Lord, all your love to me send,
That these pains that I bear do cease,
I ask for thy solace and strength,
That it shortens pain’s increasing length.

~ 9 ~

You have called me your personal child,
That in wonderment I gaze at the stars,
Where the vast space of creation defined,
Leaves me exalted to know I am yours.
How splendid you are and divine,
That I in your image was formed
Tis a gift that inside me will shine,
Chosen to serve you my saviour adorned.
I am amazed by your fond concern,
For your love and your confidence in me,
That with every breath that I breathe I do learn,
Of the great passion and friendship in thee.
The laughter of children spells your name,
And in babes in their cradles proclaimed.

~ 10 ~

I am exuberant with gratitude to God,
I sing his praises for life’s wonderful gift;
He is like the roots of a tree in the sod,
Like a mountain the Devil can’t shift.
He never forsakes those who do seek,
To the oppressed he offers his hand,
He gives strength to those who are meek,
Condemns evil that poisons the land.
The Devils forces in their own sewage sink,
Dictators and evil leaders do fall,
For with God they establish no link,
Thus his love will not on them befall.
Oh yes I am grateful to the Lord,
For his love in my soul is ensured.

~ 11 ~

Where do you hide from your servant Oh Lord,
Why are you not here when things go wrong,
The sensualist lives for the desires of the flesh,
The materialist seeks temporal security alone.
Self worship is the ungodly mans desire,
Assuming that the Lord God does not live,
Why do they prosper rise higher and higher,
Always consuming but never do give.
They are arrogant, careless lack true concern,
Taking from the poor the frail and deprived,
Yet we who the ways of the Lord God learn,
Seem to be of all life’s good things denied
Yet still you are there to help us to stand,
With your gracious and all healing hand.

~ 12 ~

I fear the insecurities that surround me,
I fear I must flee from their path,
Take refuge in foolish repartee
Dimming my vision of the love god hath.
There is no escaping the realities of living,
When we awaken from this stupor we find,
That we live in a world unforgiving,
And that only the good lord is kind.
He does not always vanquish our fears,
But his promise is to face them with us,
Stepping stones to faith without tears;
For there is truth in all that he does.
The distortions of the world do not matter,
For in faith all the evils will scatter.

~ 13 ~

The world is sinking into the mud,
Infidelity and deceit surround me,
People wear two faces none are good,
They boast of their evil bold and free.
They defy authority with cunning deeds,
Living for themselves alone,
Sowing Satan’s poison in their seeds,
We cannot ring God on the telephone,
But faith and prayer succeeds.
The maligned and deprived won’t always weep,
For God promises to rise in their defence,
Provide them with a restful sleep.
Keep us Lord from the vile side roads,
And the heavy burdens of indecisive loads.

~ 14 ~

Oh you seem so far away,
And I cannot sense your power,
Turn this stifling dark, to day,
Make pure this present hour.
God how long in this void,
Must I live; Oh, how long?
Must I dangle from this cord,
Oh Lord, what is wrong?
I will continue to trust your love,
And discover again true joy,
For all truth comes from above,
All the truth I will employ.
I will always keep my faith,
For then God will keep me safe.

~ 15 ~

By the way they live Gods truth is denied,
He does not exist, oft so many say,
Tis foolish that they take the Devil’s side,
For they are going the long wrong way.
God sees their denial their rebellious deeds,
But looks for living testimonies of trust.
The self-centred he notes do taint the creeds,
Are uncreative with a destructive lust.
Neglecting the Lord is a foolish thing,
For God responds to love and care,
He brings joy to the heart and everything,
In those faithful people who share.
Love is knowing God, for God is love
And love speaks for it is good.

~ 16 ~

What are the prerequisites for membership in his group?
Who demonstrate participation in Gods Kingdom,
The child of God walks with caution yet does not stoop;
He lives in honesty before God until his time is done.
She acts in love and he with her loves their friends
She shares her sister’s grief he lightens his brothers ware,
For relief of their pains they help; to people assistance lend,
She reaches out to heal he shares his love and care.
Both are kind and gentle to all who cross their trail,
Never to be separated from the ways of the Lord,
Participating in his Kingdom for faith cannot fail,
Love cannot fail for love even the poorest can afford.
God’s family is safe for in is love they are secure,
All those who praise him; the Lord God they adore.

~ 17 ~

Take me away from my God and I’d have nothing;
With my faith which anchors me to the Lord,
My life would be useless and rotting,
Like toxic grass on a poisoned sward.
I must respect those who contribute to giving,
And rebuke those who invest in grief,
Who worship false idols of the non living,
Who’s objectives are like that of a thief.
God is the pilot of my faithful boat,
He is the rudder that steers me the right way,
Through the roughest seas I will securely float,
Secure though it be night time or day.
And in this incomparable and eternal glee,
I will sail through Gods heavenly sea.

~ 18 ~

I have done your bidding my Lord,
I have acted in love and not rage;
I have not raised in anger a sword
Nor blasphemed one sacred page.
For my concerns I reap only scorn,
I reach dead ends with nowhere to go,
I am weary distressed and forlorn,
For those I help act much like a foe.
Help me to feel good about myself,
Grant me some heavenly hope,
Restore in my body your wealth,
That I with your love can find hope.
Judge me dear God if I err,
That good things in my soul occur

~ 19 ~

Fear of death from my mind you have erased,
What is beyond the grave concerns me not with fear,
This life’s traumas from my thought decays.
You heal my wounds that I shed no bitter tear.
You shield me Lord from all my would be foes,
You clothe me in your everlasting grace,
You entrust me with a love that ever grows,
In my mind’s eye I worship your face.
I celebrate your presence in my life,
I am destined to accomplish your purpose oh Lord,
I will teach others to overcome their strife,
For all things through Gods praise is assured.
I will sing and I will dance and shout,
Telling all who will listen what you’re about.

~ 20 ~

Where ever I may travel near and far,
The power of God I see around me scaled,
Great mountain peaks in grandeur are;
Vast oceans on which great ships have sailed
God has shaped the path for us to follow,
His eternal truth is in the wind,
On the lips of his children like a swallow,
That of joyous peace doth sing.
God gives life meaning and sets our goals,
Fulfils our deepest inner needs,
These things so precious that unfold,
For in God all things succeed.
God is love and is everywhere,
For he guards his world with care.

~ 21 ~

Dear friend if I could your burden bare,
If I could share your troubles and your sorrow,
But I can only pray for I can’t share,
Your ills today nor your pain tomorrow.
But I pray that God will never leave you,
For I know he cares for all his own,
Our defects blur not Gods kind view,
You do not have to bare your pain alone
You have dedicated your inner thoughts to him,
You have served him all your life; shed sin.
Let him reach out and touch your loving heart,
Let him mend your soul that pains depart.
Lord let me share my friends defeat and sorrow,
That I may share his victories from thee tomorrow.

~ 22 ~

That which lives within you defiant and remote,
Is the unmade rudder of an un-sailed boat,
Unto itself untested and is still untried,
Which savours all the courage hidden there inside.
Well we all have sails to flap proud in the breeze,
And flags with ensigns higher than the trees,
But most have not waded into themselves so deep,
And will throughout their lifetime of it never reap.
So fortunate is the soldier who has been involved in war,
To have known the deeper spirit lain dormant in his core,
The untested untried courage extreme and so diverse,
Which devoured his every failing and ignored his every curse,
That raised him from his frailty that he stood up tall and strong,
In the pure light of his maker to whom he ever will belong.

~ 23 ~

Why have you God departed and left me all alone,
I fail to feel you near me I feel empty like a stone.
My friends that have found you praise you every day,
But they say bad things about me and criticize my way,
I know that you have cared for me over many years
But now I need you badly to overcome these desperate fears,
Everything I try to do fails almost every time,
But I know you will support me even though the faults are mine.
I renew my faith in you my Lord I praise thee evermore,
You hear the cries of all your children whom you so adore.
Regardless of the costs and pain you remain my only God,
I’ll proclaim your name to everyone who walks thy sacred sod.
Regardless of my feelings of inadequacy and distress,
For I know that even sinners you will forgive and will bless.

~ 24 ~

The Lord is my comrade constant and sure,
He fulfils every need my ills he doth cure,
Though I hike in the mountains of happiness and joy,
Or plod through the valleys where woe and sadness deploy,
He is always by my side through darkness and pain,
When my burden is so heavy that I stumble and strain.
He supports me when depression diminishes my soul,
Sprinkles me with wondrous joy when I’m alone and cold.
He brings to me great courage when I fear the most,
And shelters me from sin when I do wail and boast.
My security lives in his presence that I feel is always there,
For ever comforting and giving me a wondrous love to share.
For the Lord is my comrade constant and sure,
Fulfilling all my needs with a promise that is pure.

~ 25 ~

Everything, all the Earth belongs to our God,
Every tree every mountain every blade in the sod,
But some do not worship nor recognize this fact,
Unlike those who do follow assemble and act,
As the Lord God guideth in his words and his ways,
That from good living and love come wonderful days.
They turn from the concerns of self centred greed,
To help those around them that encouragement breed,
For God’s servants know everything came from the Lord,
That he offers them peace and condemns the cruel sword.
From anxiety to calmness from sadness to joy,
The followers of the Lord will, all suffering destroy.
For communication with God is communication with love,
That all the hands of the peoples will fit the same glove.

~ 26 ~

In the shame of failure and defeat,
Once again in reaching out I repeat,
That for your mercy and your help I plead,
Lest the gloom of darkness succeed,
In defining no purpose for life,
Plummeting me into an abyss of strife.
But God you have promised me salvation,
Yet you have not responded to my invitation.
Yes I’ve failed you time after time,
For my weaknesses don’t ever decline.
Have mercy my Lord give me hope,
Help me with my sins and my failures to cope
For without you my Lord I will fall,
Thus for your love and guidance I call.

~ 27 ~

Guide me my Lord in the decisions I make,
Lest uncertainty doth cause a mistake;
Let me feel your strengthening power –
I have been faithful in my worship to the hour.
At this intersection show me which way to go;
I commit my thoughts to the way you do show.
You guide my faltering steps with grace
That I find the right direction to face.
In accord with your will I perceive,
That with your wisdom I am bound to receive,
The strength and the courage to decide,
With humility without self serving pride.
For Lord though art the true guide,
To help one with competence decide.

~ 28 ~

I have no fear and I won’t lose my way,
For my guide is the Lord God I say,
He can’t be destroyed even by fire,
Thus I am strong in my love and desire.
I fear none who might threaten my ware,
Nor those unwilling to share,
For I delight in the love I receive,
Because I rejoice in what I believe
My faith is strong and will prevail,
For in the Lord I simply can’t fail.
Praise thee oh Lord of my soul,
Make me fruitful and happy and whole,
Give me your help to overcome sin,
Let my life as your servant begin

~ 29 ~

Let me not share this place with the ignorant,
That with them I float down stream to the fall,
Theirs is a rebellious and indifferent course
Call me from this place lest I perish with them all.
Hear my agonising cry Oh Lord, my plea,
For you are my only hope and my salvation,
Cast adrift all those who would come with me,
Into the currents of a divine destination.
You have heard me and have changed my way,
For in calm weather I find great Peace,
For your great love doth enrich the new day,
With a trust that in truth will increase.
Stay with those who struggle and strain,
For there, dear God, lives thy name.

~ 30 ~

We must honour the deeds of the brave,
And humble ourselves for the slave,
Yet never forget to worship and love,
The Lord who our praises doth crave.
For all that we do in this life,
For ourselves our children and wife,
Comes from the sweet Lord in the heavens above,
Who helps us to conquer our strife.
He gives us the seeds that we sow,
And the water to make the plants grow,
And all other things the forests and springs,
Where ever we choose to go
For God is the lifeblood of man,
For he is where all things began.

~ 31 ~

When I shouted you were not there,
And I cried in bitter despair,
For I thought you did not exist,
So the Devil I could not resist.
But you came when I needed you most,
Like a gentle and comforting ghost,
That God I do praise thee my Lord,
For you have blunted my violent sword,
You have raised me from war and from fire,
That the Devil I no longer require,
For my heart is at peace and my soul,
Through the worship of God is now whole.
At last I am truly secure
For my mind and my body is pure.

~ 32 ~

This tenuous existence is so demeaning,
That despair in my heart is screaming;
I am groping in darkness for a friend,
On whom I can truly depend.
Now my focus is slowly restoring,
That no longer are my days so boring,
Is it you oh my Lord? You’ve not left me,
You have come to my side to bless me,
To strengthen the legs that I am standing,
With confidence love and understanding.
That with sorrows and sadness I can cope
For in my soul my Lord you bring hope.
Have you have taken me back my dear Lord,
That my worship of you is assured.

~ 33 ~

Doth not the knowledge of forgiveness quell,
Past failures where lost hope doth dwell,
For who stands blameless on this Earth,
Is indeed a person of great worth.
Can I resolve alone my own known guilt,
Cleanse it’s blade up to the hilt,
Without the acceptance of God’s ear,
Who knows the content of my fear.
Tis being faithful that reaps Gods concern,
When darkness comes and storms return.
When in turmoil and great despair,
The Lord in trust is always there.
Surround me Lord with happy days,
When my mind into the dark night strays.

~ 34 ~

Creation continues renewal goes on,
Through the faithful who worship the Lord,
Who continues to permeate the Earth and the Sun,
For he stands strongly behind every word.
The lethargy of lies of the corrupt and the base,
Fail to blot out the truth of his reign,
As he reveals himself to everyone’s face,
Who praise him with a loyal refrain.
Let us celebrate in song our magnificent King,
Who delivers his children from fear,
With praises and worship in the lyrics we sing,
For he is the Saviour whom we all hold dear,
Who created the Earth on which we all live,
Where his promise of immortality is clear.

~ 35 ~

Experience tells me this is the way,
To a place that has no sin,
For I do praise my God each day,
Because I was made by him.
In all my conflicts and despairs,
The Lord God lends a hand,
That by his touch my pain repairs
And I feel again so grand.
He helps the lonely and the weak,
And sets the helpless free,
And aids you while you look and seek
A happy soul to be.
For by your faith in God you’ll know,
That soon you will agree.

~ 36 ~

I stumble over every rock,
And slip down every slope;
I fall and often get a shock,
And find it hard to cope.
It is not an easy path God Takes,
Where he leads me by the hand,
And I just mortal make mistakes,
As I struggle with his command.
But soon enough I know I’m strong,
And I speak out firm and clear,
For I have found where I belong,
Now I know that God is near.
And those who say that I am wrong;
I ask to join me here.

~ 37 ~

Of God you know some have no fear,
They are indifferent to his ways,
Ignored to satiate selfish needs,
For their own corrupt displays.
But though they spurn him God remains,
The master of their souls,
Who does not turn them from their gains,
That reap but fiery coals,
Unless they choose to turn to him,
And praise his glorious name,
For he will save them all from sin,
And deliver them from shame.
For he who walks along with God,
Will reap the highest gain.

~ 38 ~

Let us not any more complain,
About the corruption of our Earth,
And the lack of values we sustain,
In the cities of our birth.
Let envy die that ungodly folk,
Be no longer seen as stars,
For they do the Devils fires stoke,
In the world their wealth retards.
Let us stay calm and keep the peace,
And God will keep us free,
By our complaint wrong will increase,
That it will ever be.
So trust the Lord and praise his ways,
And you will divinely see.

~ 39 ~

My friends they do not like me,
God is angry at me too,
Oh I am such a failure,
Whatever will I do.
Self righteous rebukes and taunting,
Leave me helpless and alone,
Tis all so strange and haunting,
And there is no pity shown.
Oh God I’m pleading with you,
Of my anguish to be aware,
For no one else can save me,
For no one else will care.
Lord I need your strong example,
To lead me from despair.

~ 40 ~

In this ungodly world where I live,
My rage wells up inside,
Tis all in folk to take not give,
To feed their evil pride.
I know I am just a speck of dust,
Just a wisp of smoke; a grain,
If I do not place in God my trust,
Then what in life is there to gain.
Why am I here? Why do I talk?
Was I not formed by Gods hand,
To stand erect to toil and walk,
As the Lord God surely planned?
Then I must make a righteous mark,
That the rage in me is banned.

~ 41 ~

God seeks not your fine skilled talents,
Nor the genius you may promote,
Nor the coinage in your wallets,
Nor a biased political vote.
It is obedience that he asks for
In exchange for everlasting love
That will take you to the open door
That leads to heaven above.
It is trust for those who praise him;
It is a bondage pure and good,
Understanding of your every sin,
The fiery nature of your blood.
It is love and truth he gives you,
If you choose to worship him.

~ 42 ~

Give thee of thy self to others,
And you will be blessed by God,
Give what you can to help your brothers,
And those unfortunates down trod.
Keep not that which may cause a smile,
Or that which brings one joy.
And use your skill and all your guile,
That corruption you destroy.
Bear no ill will to friend or foe,
And turn your back on hate,
And spread the word where ere you go,
For, for truth it’s not too late.
Pray not for self, nor charity show
Lest Hell becomes your fate.

~ 43 ~

Is God not dead ‘tis asked;
where is he now?
And though unseen
I see him here somehow.
For through my depression
he reaches out for me,
And I feel his warmth
though warmth I cannot see.
Tis as a child that I
learned to know the Lord;
He gave me comfort
When comfort was not assured;
And priceless love
That I could not afford.

~ 44 ~

Cast in this conflict what am I to do,
I’m all alone it seems except for you.
Yet all about me atrocities go on,
Oh God, be kind remember your fine son.
You know my troubles; every one of them,
You know my thoughts and those of other men.
You see this conflict tearing me apart,
And yet you’re absent from my ailing heart.
Where art thou Lord in this time of war
That reaches deep into my very core?
I will rejoice even as I face this Hell,
For I know you’re here my deeper spirit can tell,
For eternal hope from thee doth fill my soul
As I become the contents of this hole.

~ 45 ~

They have no need of God these clever people,
They have keen wits and tongues as sharp as knives;
They seduce their fellows and destroy their steeples
To promote self ambition at the cost of lives.
Their esurient pursuit of power and of riches,
Destroying all things that might bar their way,
Boasting of self sufficiency without glitches,
Demeaning the fools who applaud what they say.
Yet they will fall from the pedestals they do frame,
Cleverness dissolving into an empty fact
Their boasting lost upon a wind of flame,
Grovelling before the victims of their acts.
Yet the children of God though poorly will be free,
Doing God’s work where the land bears no tree.

~ 46 ~

God is our refuge and our strength,
We must not forsake him ever,
He knows our problems and our fears,
And surveys all endeavour
Though the Earth doth jactitate in tragedy;
With ethnic hatred, disease, and crime
By the whims of nation’s leaders
Who see not good things divine.
Nations will destroy each other,
Civilizations will rise and perish,
But God will never let us smother,
If the strength of him we cherish
For he steers us into paradise,
Where we’ll live without a blemish.

~ 47 ~

The creatures of God are foolish,
Accumulating wealth and riches,
Considering themselves secure,
With gold braces to hold up their britches.
They live for themselves alone,
Caring nothing for religion and faith,
But they remain but flesh and bone,
And their riches will not beat death.
There will be no honour for these people,
Their children will bleed them dry,
Ill health will shatter their steeple,
That without love they will wither and die
For it is toxic the ingredients of greed,
A poison thorn in the rich man’s eye.

~ 48 ~

Thou art the teacher of my intellect,
Of my experience from my lifelong days,
The strength of learning that I find correct,
For all is truth in following your ways.
I’ll not be troubled by those who say I lie,
For you know my Lord that it is not true,
For I know you stand firmly by my side,
For I in faith will always turn to you.
I feel so strong depending on your word,
Knowing truth lives in what I say,
My good Sheppard of this human herd,
How great thou art, to thee my Lord I pray.
For you are my tutor wise in all thy grace,
You give me hope in this treacherous place.

~ 49 ~

With diligence I have sought to reflect God’s love,
To share my possessions with guidance from above.
I’ve used the gifts from God as strong support,
To help the needy lest by despair they’re caught.
Yet I feel that I am used, for they take all I give
Yet do not consider me and the troubled life I live.
They act as though I owe them more and more;
That it’s my duty to forever their lives restore.
Yet I know that God has sent me down this trail;
That to think of self is to let those others fail
To whom I impart my love and seek to aide,
For this is the purpose for which I was made.
I’ll try not to change from the person that I am;
For it’s God’s will that, for others, I do all I can.

~ 50 ~

For the world’s leaders I do grieve
For they play God with the lives of men.
They twist the truth that folk believe
The manipulations that encourages them
To carry out deeds to enrich their gain,
Blinding them to moral sense,
Caring nothing for the wrath and pain
Nor the terrible consequence.
There are clever mystics with fluid persuasion
Who gather evil disciples to their fold,
Using devious tricks on every occasion,
Your attention and subservience to hold.
But walk confidently with eyes that can see
For your Lord God is always with thee.

~ 51 ~

Oh Lord I should not have risen today;
I should have gone to bed to stay.
Everything I try ill failure smothers
Though I have tried to show concern for others.
But they rebuke me by turning away,
Ignoring all the comforting words I say.
Sometimes it isn’t worth it, Oh Lord,
This struggle that I cannot afford.
I am desperate to become a success,
That I am the centre of someone’s address.
Yet I still follow the pathway you made
Through the Sun towards the welcoming shade.
And You come closer to me as I strive,
Giving me purpose for being alive.

~ 52 ~

My heart is so full of joy – O Lord it sings,
That I must tell the world what delight it brings.
If only they could know the depth of love you share,
There would be peace and happiness everywhere.
But my inadequate words can’t express the love I feel,
Nor describe your magnificence nor your power to heal.
Yet all around, the woods and flowers bloom
In the valleys so green and brown where wild winds croon;
And from mountain gullies the springs run into lakes
Where from the great rivers meander through rain and flakes
Of wonderful snow falls that clothe the ground in white –
An example of your love and creative might.
O Lord, you gave us life and the joy we know;
Through our veins into our hearts from you doth flow.

©Copyright April 9, 2005 by Colin F. Jones (verse 52)

~ 53 ~

My soul is as arid as the desert sand,
In desperation I cry for God’s hand
In this dark corner choking on loneliness,
Groping in vain for comfort and happiness.
I try to think about God all the time;
About His assurances and love divine.
He seems not to respond anymore to my cries,
Which are echoes, not the Lord God’s replies.
I recall His great deeds of the passing years
But He does not seem to respond to my tears.
Why does He not comfort and cherish me;
Of this loneliness and desperation set me free?
Why, oh why am I without love…
Where art thou Lord, O God up above?

~ 54 ~

I have failed O God, I have failed,
for of myself I expected too much.
Like a runaway train I’ve derailed,
I have reached for what I can’t touch.
I have fallen, dear Lord, to the road,
For my overambitious spirit is soiled.
I have created my own bitter load
that my own humanity is spoiled.
I must collect my aspirations together
and focus them all on the Lord.
To his teachings my heart I must tether
that I gain his forgiveness as my true reward.
O Lord, help me open my eyes to see
what your love promises for me.

~ 55 ~

Remember those who suffered Lord on your behalf,
Who endured persecution torture and death,
those with the courage of their convictions, O Lord,
who demonstrated your word to the last breath.
Let us also place your will above the laws of State
despite the indignities of scorn from those we love;
Despite the criticisms of the dishonourable who hate,
with boldness, and loyalty and humility for God.
Go where they dwell, Lord, who stand for your name
Staring death in the face with love in their minds,
Who boldly proclaim your laws without shame,
Standing without indecision in these desperate times.
God is the all mighty to whom all people belong
And to stand firm for his laws can never be wrong.

~ 56 ~

By you we were made, Oh God,
This great nation was made by you,
Distant lands tremble at our might;
They see us with such a fearful view.
But material wealth has dulled our minds,
Alcohol has made us lose our way,
Our vision has been obscured by tyranny,
We are arrogant in all we say.
We point our missiles at potential foe,
We have established footholds on their land;
We draw their blood unto our own –
Convinced we are guided by your hand.
But our defences are growing thin,
For the enemy grows strong within.

~ 57 ~

Our unity is threatened by internal foe,
For our castle walls have been breached,
We have given birth to an undertow,
Of dark factions that we’ll regret.
Disillusioned youth rebel against us,
‘tis an apparent hopeless future we create
new philosophies are eroding our faith,
paralysed by fear distrust and hate.
Extreme actions from radical people,
Are becoming more obvious in our streets,
They are destroying the symbol of Gods steeple,
Tearing out our sacred sheets.
God, we must follow you; your word is clear,
We seek your help to suppress this fear.

~ 58 ~

Will you listen to what I say Lord,
Will you listen to the words I speak?
I express my longings and fear Lord,
For both my mind and flesh is weak
I must lose myself in you my Lord,
I must be drawn into your purpose for life,
For only in you can I feel the security,
That will shelter me from perpetual strife.
I am committed to you with all my heart,
Give me the grace to follow my desire,
To fulfil it with service and loyalty,
To become a flame of your infallible fire.
Lord, give me the intelligence to serve you,
That your love and respect I acquire.

~ 59 ~

Many try to sabotage my soul’s convictions;
With skilled logic they would lead me away.
With fine words without any restrictions,
But with you Lord, I choose to stay.
Their temporal values are fleeting and brief,
Their aspirations fizzle like flares in the rain
Their trust scampers through life like a thief,
But my love and loyalty my Lord will remain.
You offer a security that is eternal,
That can be experienced though not logically defined,
So I have committed my life to your worship,
For the result is so protective and kind’
Despite all the chaos of the unbelievers around me,
You remain the absolute thought in my mind.

~ 60 ~

With life your love I can’t compare,
For your holy presence is everywhere,
That all that I do with you I share,
Content in the knowledge that you care.
I am filled with joy as I praise you,
Even my lonely nights are becoming few,
As I contemplate the marvellous view,
When I close my eyes and think of you.
My souls foes still seek to betray,
As I sit quietly down to pray,
But they can’t turn my loyalty away,
So hear me Lord, these words that I say,
I am secure in your holy hand,
Where all things are fine and grand.

~ 61 ~

In this famine I seek you Lord,
There is no water for me to drink,
No food can I afford,
From the oppressors sword I shrink.
I behold your power and glory,
The richness of your word
As I relate this sad story,
That you may have already heard
Oh I plead in desperation,
I throw myself before your throne,
And beg for the restoration,
Of my humble little home
For I am so amazed by your creation,
That I do not wish to be alone.

~ 62 ~

In the silence of myself I ponder,
The beautiful image of your wonder,
Drawing pictures of you in my mind,
For your true profile I can’t find.
Yet you are there deep inside me,
A spirit through who’s eyes I see,
A pure and perfect inner peace,
That calms me when my calm doth cease.
Tis strength, ‘tis power that you give me,
Which provides the will to want to be;
A better man, a better soul,
That I am free because I’m whole.
Ah! Yes in silence here I ponder,
The mystery of your glorious wonder.

~ 63 ~

Fear and doubt possess my thoughts and actions;
The turmoil in the world seems out of hand:
I envisage no revival from the gross impactions –
The overpopulation and the destruction of the land.
Lord I know that you are standing by my side,
And my love for you can’t ever be dispelled,
But in my heart the fear can’t be denied,
And to disbelieve your promises I seem compelled.
You are my God, my creator and my master,
Still as I fear I feel you close to me.
None but you could shut down this disaster,
And only you can make all people free.
No matter what the world becomes in History,
Only God my saviour can into the future see.