Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~
(Letters to a Priest)

Your God I dismiss because he is not a God of mine,
I fear not your God who is said to be divine.
There’s no gentleness in your God; who is obviously cruel,
And miracles to me are but the dreams of a fool.
Your God allows slaughter of those he claims to protect,
He allows sickness and heartbreak and tax collectors to collect.
He blames those he created for the defects they share,
And closes his eyes to the famine obvious everywhere.
He makes you all pray while you bow down to him in fear,
To Thank him for what he has not done; obvious and clear.
He watches us all suffer he must have made us this way,
And it ain’t dust I am made of; we are water not clay.
God lives in your minds and a smart written book,
Go ahead point him out… and I’ll go take look.

It is all about fear and power and control,
Based on the mystery of death, with its obvious role,
Of recycling the rotted; decayed and the dead,
Lest the Earth be reduced to a barren lifeless spread.
It is vanity; self interest superstition and fear,
Not knowing the answers why we all disappear .
As we kill and we maim to establish our way,
Over others who disbelieve what we have to say.
It’s about forcing our beliefs on the rest of the Earth,
Destroying their Gods their lives and their worth,
Driving out tribes destroying culture and colour,
Replacing it all with the true God called the silver dollar.
For Jesus is white with a pure flowing mane,
With an Americans accent, and an Englishman’s name.

I fear no reprisal for writing words that are true,
Words others fear to say for they are scorned if they do.
Thoughts that dwell in the minds of particular folk,
Who are ridiculed and laughed at treated as a joke.
For anyone who stands up to declare the bible a farce
Will be shipped out on the next ship destined for Mars.
Let us not protest war let our leaders and their Gods,
Do what the hell they like put more bodies in sods.
Let us never complain speak up for ourselves,
Let us leave all our brains up there on the shelves,
For in the world of the Christian all is sacred you see,
Though it is fair to destroy another country.
There was no wickeder wand waved ever, by man in disgrace,
Than that which caused cultures, to vanish without trace.