Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

~ 1 ~

That which you seek is within you,
It resides there at your birth;
You will seek it for a lifetime,
In the temples of the Earth.
But the Spirit of love is stagnant,
It needs not to travel far,
It defines the ends beginning,
And reveals what you are.
Seek yourself with wisdom,
Know the character of your soul,
For the end is the beginning
That makes your body whole
For you are but you forever,
Under times supreme control.

~ 2 ~

Put not your faith in absence,
When your end doth come,
For then you’ve lived for nothing,
And wasted all you’ve done.
Know the end is the beginning,
And the beginning is the end,
Both in the soul that serves you
That you seek to comprehend.
The sky hides not Gods heaven,
For it lives inside your heart,
The spirit there inside you,
Will not from you depart.
Though in a deserted place,
It may have lingered from the start.

~ 3 ~

From world to world we journey,
But few are borne on wings,
And to those who are while living
From most folk torment brings.
So you killed and maimed and murdered,
And your guilt now makes you sad,
Because you think now that you’ve done it,
You are not really very bad.
So you cringe and cry for mercy,
Lack the courage to stand your ground,
And hide behind your maker,
Who will discard you out of hand
For you are not a true born Warrior,
With a soul that’s proud and grand.

~ 4 ~

What is a born again Christian,
If not a failed one unto self,
One who’s guilt surrounds him,
Like a falsely gathered wealth.
He runs from responsibility,
Afraid to stand up tall,
To face his own reality,
Lest he once again doth fall.
They are either locked in prison,
For awful crimes they’ve done,
Or from themselves like cowards,
They choose to turn and run.
But what is there inside you,
Remains when all is done.

~ 5 ~

A soldier kills; but murder,
Is what a guilty man has done,
Who regrets what was his duty,
For his nation to discharge the gun.
Those who live through action,
Know they may well have died,
And from their bold reaction,
Their nation gets its pride.
But some in self do wallow,
And turn to hide in God,
But their claims are false and hollow,
As through self guilt they plod.
Their comrades lying buried,
Drowned in the tears they sob.