Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

~ 1 ~

He who is greatest is the least
For we are all bearers of the light
To preside over others and the beast,
As guides without the ambition and of might.
Jesus appointed no priest or a Pope
To preside as the honoured folk to rule;
The exalted will live without hope,
The inner mystery avoiding the fool.
Each man is a lantern of light
Who walks in the spirit of the Lord,
With love his humble delight,
For then the truth to him is assured;
For Jesus appointed no man in his name
Who would rise above the humble to fame.

~ 2 ~

Pardon me if the woman is absent,
But the great book is biased you see,
It was written by men of prejudice,
Who were all racist to a certain degree.
It is the woman who raises the children,
Keeps happy the men in their lives,
Serving as slaves in his factories,
Or trailing along as their wives.
Without the woman man couldn’t compete,
And the world would come to an end,
So they lived in a world of deceit,
For their vanity they couldn’t defend.
And while the men fought over the sod,
They were ignored by the all male God.

~ 3 ~

So I look into the eyes of the Christian,
and I see the deceit of his greed,
The guilt of his murderous missions,
The profits from his prejudice seeds.
I see the plunder of all other tribes,
The cultures that were crushed by his hate,
The slaughter he is feign to describe,
The atrocities he is unable to state.
And when he has done with his sin,
He builds his church on the plundered site,
And asks that his God forgive him,
For the blood and the gore and the blight
That he may continue on with his evil,
As a God given horrible right.

~ 4 ~

He enslaves he corrupts he denounces,
all that stands in his Christian way,
Upon all other cultures he pounces,
Causing deliberate and ill disarray.
He destroyed the Aboriginals and Indians,
Demeaned their religious beliefs,
Stole all their lands and their young ones,
Dishonoured their leaders and chiefs.
Yet still they claim the Lord Jesus
Will forgive them their atrocities and sin;
Will pick up all the massacred pieces,
To allow the process again to begin.
For the Christian thinks he’s destined for heaven,
But me thinks God won’t let him in.

~ 5 ~

Are we right then to murder our brothers,
Molest and murder their wives,
Take the children away from their Mothers,
And all other cultures despise.
What man of good heart needs a Temple,
Where the deceitful and hypocrites pray,
Where the exalted and racists assemble
Plotting their own Gods laws to betray.
Tis only the miserable and worthless
Who cry in the blood of their sins;
Who think if they pray they are blameless,
That “born again” a new life begins.
Well no rodent ever turned into a Tiger
And a Buffalo never grew wings.

~ 6 ~

Yet if you raise a child in China,
A Chinaman he will become,
And to stock up the mind of a minor,
Will determine what his tutors have done.
But the land the Christians have forgotten,
Where the streams and the wild rivers flow,
Before the waters became polluted and rotten,
The spirit of life still lives there you know.
It has been plundered and poisoned and built on,
Its seeds altered that they no longer breed,
Its animals hunted and butchered
To satisfy the Christian mans greed.
And even as he speaks of repentance,
The results of his passions do bleed.

~7 ~

So I ask you oh, sisters and brothers,
Who say in your God you believe,
Why do you condemn the cultures of others;
Why do you keep taking more than you need?
Why are you racists and bigots,
Why is your Church so divided and split,
Why do you destroy all that is before you,
If you cannot take possession of it?
Why do you pick the rose for your pleasure,
When to grow it would ensure it would live?
Why do you murder the things you do treasure,
Why do you constantly take but not give?
Oh yes, I know it is others…

~ 8 ~

So what then is a practicing Christian,
If he is not a farce and a fake,
On what does he base his decisions,
How come he makes so many mistakes.
Why is he always complaining,
Why is he so greedy and vain,
Why is he forever defaming,
The truth of another’s free claim.
Is it not that he is a pretender,
Who prays to a God he deceives,
A righteous conceited defender,
Of the religion in which he believes.
Is it not true that he seethes with envy,
And desires all that he greedily sees?

~ 9 ~

While our soldiers are murdering and killing,
Those people they are paid to destroy,
The good Christians are happy and willing,
To endorse that their armies deploy.
But when their own good soldiers start dying,
And they also begin sharing the pain,
They blame all their leaders for lying,
And manage to forget their own shame.
The leaders of course they are Christians,
Who never themselves go to war,
But sacrifice a thousand more Saviours,
Their status and might to ensure.
That by maintaining their sacred behaviours,
Produce the blood they claim to deplore.

~ 10 ~

Christianity is the religion of white men,
Who sent missionary’s all over the Earth,
To pillage and rob and deceive them,
To ascertain what their property was worth.
They forced their beliefs on others,
While they selfishly plundered their fields,
Divided the children from their Mothers,
And the men from their brothers and yields.
They came in the name of the Pope,
Or in the name of the Religious white King,
With the lash the chain and the rope,
To oppress, intimidate and sing,
The glorious hymns to their Lord,
With the promise of his righteous reward.

~ 11 ~

And their culture was changed in the child,
Brainwashed by the fundamentalist priests,
Who every aspect of their beliefs defiled,
In that division and turmoil increased.
Those brave warriors who resisted were slain,
Were hunted and driven from home,
Were submitted to physical pain,
And mental agony that withered the bone.
All this under the great name of God,
And gentle Jesus his sacrificed son,
The white hoards had so bloodied the sod
That the law was enforced by the gun
For the Christian way has never been peace,
And their methods would ever increase.

~ 12 ~

They gathered great wealth from these lands
That their steeples grew higher and higher;
Temples called Cathedrals so grand,
Built on the ashes of plunder and fire.
Their monuments were of marble and Gold,
The pews cut from the finest of wood,
They were great treasures for all to behold,
The plundering of the righteously good.
And a “Holy One” sat on his throne,
In the Vatican city of sin,
A man entrapped in his religion alone,
In a cage made especially for him –
In the good name of God making laws
That do nothing to prevent any wars.

~ 13 ~

All opposition to Christianity was proclaimed,
A sect or a myth or a lie,
Every different belief was defamed,
If you believed in such things you would die
Even stories for children that contained,
Magic or witches or elves,
Were considered to be evil and stained
And banned from the library shelves.
So from childhood we were all taught to think,
The way the Churches wanted us to,
That when older we never would shrink,
From the implanted point of view.
The great sin is the growing mind of the child,
Is brainwashed and religiously defiled.

~ 14 ~

Disbelievers were shunned and demeaned,
Racism and prejudice prevailed,
Every citizen was carefully screened –
A non Christian had already failed.
Black folk were treated as naught,
They were not even considered to be
Morally capable of thought –
With less brains than a coconut tree.
So they used them as slaves and as mules,
While they brainwashed their children with creed
That they would learn to follow the rules,
More slaves to purchase and breed.
But the black folk they truly loved God,
And they sang as they ploughed up the sod.

~ 15 ~

So the great gospel traditions were born,
By these people who had truth in their hearts,
From the Christian who had given his thorn,
They had learned that all evil departs,
When you follow the way of the Lord,
Without greed and vanity and hate,
Then the foe doth lay down his sword,
And believe in a heavenly fate.
But the white churches still seek out the soul,
In the form of green coloured notes,
To add to the wealth they stole,
And to appoint more of their priests without votes.
Deception, hypocrisy and sin,
Are the ideals the Christian Church promotes.