Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

~ 1 ~

Beg not to God lest you a beggar be,
For of your sins tis yet for you to see,
That thou art yet unto thyself untrue,
That what is done you can’t with hope undo.
Serve then thyself with beneficial thought,
That seeks to do what a redeemer ought,
And do the bidding of the God you seek,
With humble faith without the need to speak.
Claim not to be that which you can’t define,
For none who live are of a soul divine.
And while you ponder why the poor are poor,
Turn to thy task your own life to explore
By keeping silence when doing a good deed
Lest by your process towards more sin you speed.

~ 2 ~

Well one may seek in God to make amends,
Believe from him forgiveness he extends,
But removal of one’s sins is not so base,
For greater tasks the sinner yet must face.
It is easy from the mind to speak good things,
But from the heart is where the true voice sings,
And God doth know the difference of each tone,
And knows that he who does wrong speaks alone.
Thus dine in Gods great shadow if you must,
But by thy actions he will mark thy trust,
For oft it is the one who talks the most,
Who’s pleases less the Lord the Holy Ghost.
Look not to self oh sinner but to the truth;
In your good deeds to others lies the proof.

~ 3 ~

Deny me not my search for better thought,
By failing in response to chide retort,
If by my measure I have found you wrong,
That all the words you utter defile the song.
Indeed I seek to purposely denounce,
The errors in the statements you announce,
That contradict the Gospels you proclaim,
Are true and just said in the Lord Gods name.
For if thy mind knows not the words you say,
That is to understand be what they may,
What each one means in terms of sacred creed,
Might well I ask the nature of thy need.
For all that mimic riddles are wise words lost,
When the speaker is unknowing of the cost.

~ 4 ~

I have provided criticism of the man formed church,
Not of the soul the real church inside of man,
But the one where human “Holy Men “ do perch,
Where racist acts and division first began.
These are the monuments which divide and keep apart,
The shattered fragments of the Earths great heart,
Where ambitious humans devised by their own court,
Their wondrous wares and power blocs do flaunt.
They pray for peace yet always turn to war,
That they can claim the powers to restore,
What they have caused in the name of God,
From the ashes of the bodies in the sod.
There can be peace, for it lives in every man,
Put there by God when first the world began.

~ 5 ~

There is Gods spirit resting inside us all,
It gives us life for life is what we are
In youth it’s hard to grasp and sins occur,
But soon inside our heads good thoughts do stir.
For as we grow we learn through pain and woe,
We learn from all the places that we go,
And through the empty thoughts that dull our minds,
It is but a few who do not some wisdom find
We know to hurt is wrong for we do cry,
When another does us damage bye and bye
Thus what we do to them we know as well,
Might well be pain and sometimes even Hell.
Yet we do fight in wars against a foe,
Because the spirit in our souls seems not to know.

~ 6 ~

We claim to love. We claim faith in our Lord,
We say we’re brothers and yet we raise the sword.
We admire the rich and all their false acclaims,
Their vain ambitions and their falser names.
We discriminate; there’s hate in black and white,
And all those in between are never right,
And yet we claim our Lord is just and kind?
Then if he is, why are we all so blind?
Is man at fault? what man? which is he?
Or are there so many that none of them we see,
Or is it you, the face in the mirror set,
That vainly smiles sometimes through eyes so wet,
That the mind doth pray to God to spare you pain,
That all the hurt never comes back again.

~ 7 ~

But the pain leaves not the body that is ill,
Lest it is in the inner spirits will,
Which sleeps through all the errors of our time,
When all such sins should be in fast decline,
And all our truer thoughts ought yet to be,
Providing help to someone to be free,
From all those sins and errors we denied,
When we were more acquainted with the lie.
But yet we blame all others for our pains,
As all those others blame their ills the same,
That none do reap the benefit of trust
That action seems so stagnant that it rusts.
Among ourselves we claim so many things,
Yet all our righteous ways but more grief brings.

~ 8 ~

And so we sow the evil seeds of war,
For we ourselves more than our God adore,
Though we still claim to have faith in our Lord,
Our selfish ways remain yet false and broad .
Our greatest sin is thinking God forgives,
Our every fault that in us ever lives,
Without commitment to the holy laws,
That mark atonement for our wrongs and flaws,
For claiming faith in God is not enough,
Tis within thyself Gods spirit you must trust,
And move from shadows into the glow of light,
Where against all sins in man you must fight,
For you are one part of a greater whole,
United in the body of God’s soul.

~ 9 ~

To pray for self is to sin in the extreme,
For trust in God is lacking it would seem,
For non who worship with a faith that’s true,
Would ever be lost to our Saviour’s view.
Pray not for self for vanity is a sin,
Pray for another, pray for her or him,
Lest you be guilty and contradict your claim,
That you do praise the Lord Gods holy name.
Oh dear sinner how easy it is to talk,
How easy to show the Dove and hide the Hawk,
But the Lord sees all and knows the wrong you do,
But waits with patience for the change in you,
That marks you down as one who truly cares,
Who gives his help and all his love he shares.

~ 10 ~

War could not be if man decided such,
But those who fight are but a nations crutch,
Armed and dressed and mind washed with great pride,
To defend the flag under which their comrades died.
By Gods design men went off to impose their will,
Upon Satan’s forces their evilness to kill,
But the Christian soldiers met a religious hoard,
With a belief as strong defending it with the sword.
Man believes what his tutors taught to him,
That birth is life and life in man is sin,
That while he grows to manhood to repent,
He is in youth to war and conflict sent;
For had they had the wisdom of the old,
Young men would not have ever been so bold.

~ 11 ~

We must defend our moral codes and laws,
Though none are won by fighting savage wars,
And many are lost by the cultures we defend,
Freedoms disciples changing moral trend.
The price of peace is war yet peace is rare,
For war goes on that peace cannot repair,
And dreams and faith entangled in the mind,
Seek a truth that neither seem to find,
And trust in God though pleasing to the heart,
Seems not to change in life the soldiers part.
And standing by to watch the fire blaze,
Seems not to clear the ever present haze.
So man must fight for his war like soul was grown,
In a field of pride where his seeds were deeply sown.

~ 12 ~

How can it be that all men’s minds be made,
To warm to light and dismiss all the shade,
It can’t be done while two Kings disagree,
Nor while a poor man thinks the rich are free.
Look at those high priests in their Temples tall,
Each one ambitious claiming truth for all
Yet disagree how one from God should feed,
Upon the ingredients of the divided creed.
Whence comes the peace to men of biased brain,
Who divide the wheat from the golden grain.
It shall not be while mans ill temples stand,
For the truth of peace they will never understand.
But I speak of this in passing for it is true,
There is nothing on this Earth that man can do.

~ 13 ~

So what is left for war is war is war,
A part of life that all the world deplores
It will go on so long as man is man,
As indeed it has since all Earths life began.
Do we accept our fate and fortify our lands,
Build bigger guns for more skilled hands
Or live in hope as generations have done,
That from the heavens the Lord will come.
Hope saves not lives nor offers peace,
And by building guns then wars increase,
Is it not the way that the biggest gun,
Is the only way, when all is said and done,
For faith stops no bullet and prayers no bomb,
While we still wait for the Lord to come.