Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

NOTE: In order to relate what I believe it has been necessary to “question” the validity of “The Church Systems” which exist on Earth. If I offend anyone I apologize, but retract no word lest it be proved wrong.

Roman Catholic leaders have declared that their Bishops have “a lifelong contact with the Original Apostles by a current of succession, which goes back to the beginning.”

But such a claim of apostolic succession has no factual basis, either historically or scripturally. In other words their claims are false because they are assumed without evidence to be true…

There has never been any credible evidence to suggest that the church system, (that came to be following the deaths of the Apostles of Jesus) was ever directed by God’s Holy Spirit.

After the so called “reformation”, a whole bunch of other churches jumped onto the band wagon and history reveals that all of them continued to teach erroneous doctrines, well in accord with the statements of Jesus – Matthew 15: 7-9 – “Hypocrite’s!!” Well did not Isaiah, prophesy about you, saying… “The people draw near me with their mouth, and Honour me with their lips – but their heart is far from me and in vain they worship me – teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.”

So, where is the “One True Church”?


Well I believe it lies within the body of every man and women (note I include woman) in each soul’s spirit, which is God. “Seek and ye shall find,” but one must first discover where to look – for in self discovery lies the Kingdom of God.

Seek yourself in mans false churches if you will, but you will not find God – only the false promises and predictions based on the rituals, symbolisms and the assumptions of man.

In every soul their lies the Spirit of truth – which is God.

What church ministers assume to know is what they have been taught by others who also assume to know. Their minds are inflexible and controlled by the doctrines of man, which is solidly prejudiced. They parrot the thoughts of their Tutors, for they have no thoughts of their own, lest they be of doubt.

They cannot ‘save souls’; only God can do that – only God, and none in his name. They can advise and point the way, if they know the way – and If they do know the way, then they can only demonstrate it by example, for it is for each to seek his own essence; the Spirit; which is God; Who resides in all living souls in a place called heaven.

God is dormant in every soul awaiting discovery. He cannot be closer to you than that. But he steers not the helm of your ship – that is your own responsibility. He does not lead you, push you, take over your thoughts and deprive you of choice and freedom. He wants you to do things for yourselves. He wants YOU to find HIM. He knows that the last place you will look is in yourself. For the end is in the beginning.

You have much to go through before vanity is cast aside, and you recognize your defects, your assumptions for what they are, your fear for what it really is, your truth. You will know when you have found truth, because you will know God. You will have discovered yourself.

The spirit lives beyond death and the soul dies. If you fail to discover your Spirit, then perhaps you will die without knowing God. Perhaps he will save you, now that you are without choice.

You are your own church; a fragment of the greater church which is heaven. You are not asked to put pennies on the plate; you are not threatened with the fear of Hell. You have been given free reason to follow the path of your own choosing. You will do what is in your heart, be it right or wrong. You will know which it is. One will lead you away from yourself; the other will lead you to knowledge, and eventually to truth, and to God.

All things can be seen that exist. In truth all things do exist. There can be no secrets in a truthful soul; when doubts are revealed they provide stepping stones to God, for God is truth. Does one fear the Sgt Major because he is a man, or because he has the power to punish? Is he not like a minister of a Church who claims to have the authority of God?

God does not punish us; we punish ourselves. He does not lift us up; we lift ourselves up. Each time we do we learn more about who we are. We become closer to God.

Soldiers are taught to survive; to respect themselves; their mates; their leaders; their nation. Many experience a deep, deep emotion, when they recognize how close to God they are. How close they are to truth; to reality. Those who do not die will suffer; and from this suffering will see life more clearly. They will know that they fly with the butterfly; swim with the eel; and wither like a flower.

They will be urged by their knowledge of death, to reach inside for new hope; for love; for God; and they will not pity themselves for they will have come to know their own truth… they will have realized their dream, they will have found God.