Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

~ 1 ~

My lot was not as deadly as some others, who were there,
I was just another soldier trying to do my little share,
I did not see the action some of the grunts had seen,
But I got to see their bodies lying dead and so obscene.
We manned the guns around the clock engaging the foe,
Killing off his soldiers wherever he might go,
We hunted them like animals and blasted limb from limb,
And the process was quite awful and pretty bloody grim.
We lived in pits and trenches and inside sandbagged walls,
Slopping through the putrid mud when the pouring Monsoon falls.
We lived with rats and reptiles and ate from ration packs,
And kept filling up the sandbags and piling them in stacks.
We never saw a Padre or a Major in the field,
And to know one was the Christian God to anyone revealed.

~ 2 ~

We did not have a Chapel and we did not have a Church,
There was no minister in our unit to do his research,
We were soldiers fighting soldiers as is the way of war,
And religion was as absent as my Mother’s kitchen door.
It was no place for Angels nor images of a God,
Who couldn’t care less if we died in the bloody sod,
It is said that God made us, well he stuffed up that’ s for sure,
Blaming us for the defects for which he doesn’t have a cure.
Are we not his servants the ones he blames for sin,
For all the faults made in man; the faults all made by him.
Well somehow some truth is lacking; it’s all talk without effect
From people who are quite afraid the bullshit to reject.
Prove to me your preaching is not about a fruitless lie,
A biased false dependence on an image in the sky,
Show me where the truth is for that is what I seek,
Show me the evidence of the truth you claim to speak.

~ 3 ~

If you cannot show me evidence then preach it not as fact,
Because otherwise you’re performing a falsifying act.
You can believe what you want to but preach it not to me,
Because I also have the right to rebuke it and be free,
Of the dictatorial creeds of others who think they’re always right,
Who think they know the reason why obedient soldiers fight,
They fight because they’re told to and are punished if they refuse,
But once the fight is started they will die before they lose.
There are soldiers we call Terrorists who preach the same as you,
Who kill themselves for nothing because they believe God is true,
They are brainwashed as children and relied upon to kill,
For they do not have control like a free man over will.
They are a perfect example of a religion at its worst,
Spilling all the blood that their prejudice has cursed.