Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

We do as willed rule over all the Earth,
Kill and maim as we’ve the right to do,
Respecting not the animal nor the turf,
And if you don’t believe; disrespecting you.
We claim it all destroy all who resist,
Take their lands and eat their foods and grain,
Destroy their cultures in goodness we insist
Enforce our doctrines without a hint of shame.
If you choose to boldly stand and fight
Defend your culture to the very end,
Than we will slaughter all of you in sight,
Then unto who is left our preachers send.
For only if you think like us you see,
Can you be allowed by us to be free.

We use sweet words, we Christians when we speak,
Say kind things though often we do not,
And though we claim that peace and love we seek,
Tis mostly because we need and want the lot.
We took your children because they thought like you,
And tried to turn them into Christian clones,
After all your tribes were very few,
And where you lived you’d built no modern homes.
Why would a native have feelings such as love,
We took your children yet how could you care,
Tis for the best to please our God above,
For the Christian God loves children everywhere.
Can’t you see how wonderful we are,
For what we do is better for you by far

These words I write may not be words we like,
But oft the truth doth test the way we feel,
Revealing doubt and faithlessness in spite,
When we from cringing defensively reveal,
The guilt which lies beneath our righteous front,
Declaring all the greed of our delights,
To be contained in all self things and personal want,
Regardless of another cultures rights.
Why would this God be kind and good to you,
With all your bias prejudice and hate,
Does the Christian God condone the things you do,
That you believe his heaven is for your fate?
Perhaps one day he’ll put your minds at rest,
And tell you how you failed his final test.

I speak of Christians for tis said I’m one,
But Christians are defined by reverend priests,
Which means that I could not be called upon,
To dine with those with whom I mix the least.
I am not a Christian as many think they are,
Though I must say I’m more so than they boast,
For self declaration does not form a star,
Nor attendance uninvited please the host.
Man eats of bread and drinks of common wine,
In ritualistic consumption of Gods flesh and blood,
Marks himself as though he is divine,
Then walks away believing he is good,
But then he sins and sorrowed by his fault,
Seeks forgiveness lest his sins do halt.

For where is the joy in being good and right,
‘Twould bore the beast back into his dull den,
And we are eager always for the fight,
We are made for battle for we are Christian men.
We train as soldiers pawns in someone’s game,
All freedom lost that it might be regained,
All processed links in a national chain,
Washed of the blood that will again be stained.
Go my son go where the Devil rules,
For there your God will never choose to tread,
For war is meant for soldiers and for fools,
Bombs and bullets and the rotting dead.
When you return and find it hard to live
Then your sweet God will be ready to forgive.

And they will come with sincere words and hope,
Praising God and telling you you’ve sinned,
Ringing their bells with the Devils rope,
Glorying in the sadness that you bring.
And while you cry in silence all alone,
Disturbed by grief of comrades lost in war,
They’ll feast on you until they bare your bone,
Until they’ve changed the view of what you saw,
And soon enough to keep the scenes alive,
You’ll form your groups that sorrow be retained,
Where no one else could possibly survive,
Mid all the horror the hero’s and the famed.
Where from the newer scriptures there is born,
Another God shaped in the Warriors form.