Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

~ 20 ~

Dear friend if I could your burden bare,
If I could share your troubles and your sorrow,
But I can only pray for I can’t share,
Your ills today nor your pain tomorrow.
But I pray that God will never leave you,
For I know he cares for all his own,
Our defects blur not Gods kind view,
You do not have to bare your pain alone
You have dedicated your inner thoughts to him,
You have served him all your life; shed sin.
Let him reach out and touch your loving heart,
Let him mend your soul that pains depart.
Lord let me share my friends defeat and sorrow,
That I may share his victories from thee tomorrow.

~ 21 ~

That which lives within you defiant and remote,
Is the unmade rudder of an un-sailed boat,
Unto itself untested and is still untried,
Which savours all the courage hidden there inside.
Well we all have sails to flap proud in the breeze,
And flags with ensigns higher than the trees,
But most have not waded into themselves so deep,
And will throughout their lifetime of it never reap.
So fortunate is the soldier who has been involved in war,
To have known the deeper spirit lain dormant in his core,
The untested untried courage extreme and so diverse,
Which devoured his every failing and ignored his every curse,
That raised him from his frailty that he stood up tall and strong,
In the pure light of his maker to whom he ever will belong.

~ 22 ~

Why have you God departed and left me all alone,
I fail to feel you near me I feel empty like a stone.
My friends that have found you praise you every day,
But they say bad things about me and criticize my way,
I know that you have cared for me over many years
But now I need you badly to overcome these desperate fears,
Everything I try to do fails almost every time,
But I know you will support me even though the faults are mine.
I renew my faith in you my Lord I praise thee evermore,
You hear the cries of all your children whom you so adore.
Regardless of the costs and pain you remain my only God,
I’ll proclaim your name to everyone who walks thy sacred sod.
Regardless of my feelings of inadequacy and distress,
For I know that even sinners you will forgive and will bless.

~ 23 ~

The Lord is my comrade constant and sure,
He fulfils every need my ills he doth cure,
Though I hike in the mountains of happiness and joy,
Or plod through the valleys where woe and sadness deploy,
He is always by my side through darkness and pain,
When my burden is so heavy that I stumble and strain.
He supports me when depression diminishes my soul,
Sprinkles me with wondrous joy when I’m alone and cold.
He brings to me great courage when I fear the most,
And shelters me from sin when I do wail and boast.
My security lives in his presence that I feel is always there,
Forever comforting and giving me a wondrous love to share.
For the Lord is my comrade constant and sure,
Fulfilling all my needs with a promise that is pure.

~ 24 ~

Everything, all the Earth belongs to our God,
Every tree every mountain every blade in the sod,
But some do not worship nor recognize this fact,
Unlike those who do follow assemble and act,
As the Lord God guideth in his words and his ways,
That from good living and love come wonderful days.
They turn from the concerns of self centred greed,
To help those around them that encouragement breeds,
For God’s servants know everything came from the Lord,
That he offers them peace and condemns the cruel sword.
From anxiety to calmness, from sadness to joy,
The followers of the Lord will all suffering destroy.
For communication with God is communication with love,
That all the hands of the peoples will fit the same glove.