Colin F. Jones

~ God and War ~

~ 52 ~

Do not for others what they may do for themselves,
For it is in their inner motive where uniqueness dwells,
From its own individuality, the human soul must grow,
Without old fashioned prescription to hold back its flow,
That each person occupies a special organic place,
Among his family and friends and the whole human race.
Great is intellectual power formed from interest in nature,
Interest in the environment not in political legislature.
Christian people are a negative force on the Earth,
Lacking independent vitality to establish their worth.
They wait for leadership and for external Mothers,
Reacting spasmodically to the fervour of others.
And soldiers are better who know how to lead,
As well as the man who would ask them to bleed.

~ 53 ~

Theology is detrimental to the individual mind,
Who seeks with true purpose and motive to find,
A pathway to truth and the reality of life,
With its ill fated conquests and intolerable strife.
Let moral habits be formed from moral pursuits,
Not from saintly sentiments that the doctrine refutes.
Let us not believe we believe without doing the deeds,
For with our actions we sow our futuristic seeds.
Be they men with great loyalty and individual strength,
Or tin soldiers irresponsible who will not repent.
Tis the unity of brothers that is effected in war,
That opens to soldiers God’s true ecclesiastical door.
For they discover the love that makes their hearts whole,
And determines the spirit that lives in the soul.