Colin F. Jones


Gallowglasses Celtic Warriors of the Irish fields,
With Claymore swords that with two hands they wield,
Loyal to themselves the Chief and the clan,
Fierce berserkers who took the heads of man,
As trophies to show how brave they had been,
But the Normans fought better and crowded their scene.
Then came the Scottish mercenaries, the galloglach,
Who evened the fight with the battle axe,
From Castle Sween in Argyle the MacSweeneys,
Brave Scottish fighters and proven the meanest
Invited by the O’Donnell Kings of Donegal,
To serve as Gallowglasses in their battles in Hell,
And they won back the territory in Donegal, Fanand,
And other places in Munster where the fighting was bad.

©Copyright October 4, 2004 by Colin F. Jones

Author’s Note: Unfinished