Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Only the programmed mind opposes freedom,
Only the implanted doctrines that are taught,
Provide the toxic fodder for the mind to feed on,
Determining the ill ingredients of our thought.
When the individual discovers the power within him,
And combines it with his women folk and men,
Then the hunger and thirst for democracy will begin,
And the ink will dry inside the dictator’s pen.
But though we accept sweet freedom as the goal,
That inspires the fire inside the human breast,
Tis also the illusion of the expectant fool,
For freedom is for the few and not the rest.
The right to say and do, as we might desire,
Will briefly live and then it will expire.

~ 2 ~

It was always meant to be; the thirst for power,
The chaotic clambering up the greasy hill:
To be the best; the biggest in the shower,
To claim the summit with the biggest kill.
For heroes are the greatest of our killers,
The more hurt and harm they cause the greater fame,
Spreads throughout the land enshrined in thrillers,
To feed inside us all the desirous flame.
For who does not wish to be the human God,
To stand head and shoulders above all the rest,
With the power to cause delight or the heart to sob,
To set the rules for every desire and quest.
Yet what is good and bad or wrong and cruel
Is set in stone by nature’s ageless rule.

~ 3 ~

We call them mad, who aspire to be the best;
Those who take control, wave the patriotic flag,
Those who rise above all the rest,
Men of action who do much more than brag.
We call them evil the enemies of peace,
Be it their desire to satisfy their dream.
We grant no respite even when they cease,
For someone else to trespass where they’ve been.
All of them do sacrifice and kill,
Albeit where the shadows hide their deeds,
Theirs is a powerful influential skill,
That promises the world the human greed’s.
We choose the lesser if indeed we can,
But eventually the violent one succeeds.

~4 ~

You folk who know there’s nothing you can change,
Speculate and offer opinionated views,
Few will listen, but that is not so strange,
For all you offer has many times been used.
The tide will ebb and flow as tides well do,
Snow will fall and melt in summer sun,
the truth is privy only to the few,
Reality echoes through the barrel of a gun.
And so we live according to our time,
Being what we are wherever we might be:
And all of it is evolutionary design
That will not work if what we are is free.
The dream of freedom is a luxury on which we dine,
Shared in private moments when together we recline.

~ 5 ~

Tis where our heaven ensures future kin,
For none pick fruit from a sour tree,
Tis she who chooses between the you and him,
And without choice is born a little me.
It is the woman that man fears most of all,
For she has the power of life without a way,
To make the law that nature can’t install,
Lest yesterdays and tomorrows end today.
To keep that which we know we have destroyed,
We cannot do nor will our stride deplete,
For humanity has its own demise deployed,
And races towards it on frightfully nimble feet.
One end awaits; but then all things must end
And I’ll not be here, these predictions, to defend.