Colin F. Jones


Oppose the status quo and you’ll offend,
For speaking freely is a righteous trend,
That is ignored or quickly put to rest,
By the powers that be who are not impressed,
By opposition to the way they think,
Lest their influence over people shrink.
Reserved for governments and church folk like the Pope,
Who use belief to control and capture hope,
Who cause and furnish reasons to make war,
Freedom of speech marches out the door,
With all your rights to stand up and say no,
For despite what you think you must go.
It is a farce but bold men stand their ground,
While others creep towards the battle sound.

Who indeed are the bravest men of these,
Who by their call-up are all ill at ease,
Of those who really do not want to go,
To meet a dangerous unrelenting foe,
Those who fear to contradict the law,
Or those who say, they will not go to war.
Who is oppressed and treated with disdain,
Which one is treated as a man of shame.
Where is our freedom now; where are our rights,
When challenging the status quo delights,
Which one is the bravest of the fearful two;
One in fear obeys what the other fears to do,
Or yet one stands for that which makes him so proud,
While the other fears refusal and joins the obedient crowd.