Colin F. Jones


To love your enemy as you would a friend,
Are words of Christians who in truth pretend,
Who choose to kill and hate their noble foe,
Lest they cross over to where all dead folk go.
For Christians are not Christians good and pure,
But pupils of a faith that asks for more,
Than making claims of rules they fail to keep,
Then wrestle with the outcome in their sleep.
Why when they pray would God listen to their pleas,
They do not pray in praise of God’s decrees,
They pray for help when they make such mistakes,
And go their way despite the laws it breaks.
Faith is false if serving common wealth.
Believe thy God yet find him in yourself.

With More Years Gone

With more years gone than are left to live,
Tis time perhaps, to think of those who died
Due to the actions of my role in war;
A time to think – a time now to decide.
If I meet God to him what will I say,
I kept the faith? I turned the other cheek?
I did not mean the other man to slay?
It was my duty; all your laws to break?
So hypocritical we who claim to be,
Christian lovers of a peaceful Lord,
When what we do denies all love of thee,
For we but wield the serpents sinful sword.
For to kill the soldier whom we think a foe,
Divides a soldier from his God you know.

From This Book

From this book written by men for men,
I note hypocrisy; it’s contradicting form,
It spares few words for woman and then,
Rebukes as sin what it promotes with scorn.
Weep with those who weep the good book says,
Rejoice with those who laugh and wish thee well,
Respond to evil trespass in a kindly way,
Do not respond in kind lest you see hell.
I do so weep with those who would now cry,
And with all who find some humour in their pain,
I laugh with them though they may well die,
Then why is the response to killing not the same?
These are not words written by a God,
But words of men now lying in the sod.

Words on Vengeance

The words on vengeance are not words of God,
They are the writers from his own mind scribed,
He maketh them as bricks in a builder’s hod,
And had he known of Moses then he lied.
What is a Christian then – sometimes a Jew?
Or a Roman Catholic tethered to his church?
A Christian Queen who does what she must do?
Or one who doubting continues with his search?
Tis almost madness to not defend one’s own,
To offer water to one who need not ask,
To allow another to break his every bone,
Because it was a writers biased task.
What is a Christian then – a fool who hopes?
Or one who fights for survival on the slopes.

Say Not You’ll Pray – Just Pray

Pray for your friend, but speak no words out loud,
For to say you pray is for your own self done,
For he who seeks to pray before a crowd,
Promotes what God has willed all men to shun.
We all desire to be known as someone good,
Thereby seek ways to tell folk that we care,
So being nice to others might or would,
Make us noticed almost everywhere.
Few folk know themselves enough to state,
That they are what they think they really are,
They fail to see their own biases and hate,
And errors when they frequently occur
Few folk are humble yet would Christians be,
Tis not enough that you say you pray for me