Colin F. Jones


If fidelity was as factual as the dollar seems to be,
Then we’d all be poor admirers of the Presidents policy
To bomb all who might appose him (though it may be said in jest);
To stomp on anybody whom he considers is a pest.
To good causes we are loyal, but a bully’s cause will fail,
For such men are so short sighted they lose sight of their own trail.
It is one thing to wield power, but when the power wields you,
It is soon you lose control of the purpose of your view.
That the inner sanctum starts to crumple, and the people lose belief,
And faithfulness is stolen by a trustless secret thief
It cannot be in our societies that we condone the act of war,
For the purpose of complying to a foolish man’s rancour
Thus our leaders must be open, and clarify everything they say
Else their followers of yore will not be followers today

Submitted for the December 2005 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Fidelity