Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

He left the shores of England,
and sailed across the sea,
A soldier brave and bold,
Fighting to be free…
But I his son in Vietnam,
Like my father crossed the sea,
But not to fight for England,
Nor to keep my country free.
I fought because I went there,
To represent a lie,
To do my best to stay alive,
Be one that did not die,
And that is why my father smiles,
While his son in sadness cries.

~ 2 ~

For WW2 was a worthy call,
To fight a monster true,
To protect true freedom for us all,
As soldiers always do
But Vietnam it was different,
There was no threat to us at all,
Just a war based on corruption,
And a Government that had to fall.
We were lied to by our leaders,
For our country we did not fight;
We fought for those deceivers,
Who made it sound alright…
And the people who didn’t believe us,
Who led us to our plight.