Colin F. Jones


Islam and Christianity –
a war that never ends,
If either one or both were gone,
Peace might, on this, depend.
The divisions of religions,
All seeking power to reign,
Mind control and servitude,
Using death’s mystery to establish gain.
The fallacy of peace on Earth,
The great improbable dream;
Freedom being of little worth,
The desire for power extreme:
Yet still we pray to silent Gods
Who leave no trace of having been.

The love of state; schooled in thought,
Using heroes to camouflage truth,
All being the results of what is taught,
Most of which is lacking proof.
The battle fields live in the minds,
Of those who pull the strings,
Directing folk of many kinds,
As they’re Devils with Angels wings,
To wage the wars that are designed,
By nature to balance scales,
For everything is thus inclined,
For all victories in time do fail.
For death calls everyone away,
Through the mystery of the veil.