Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

As empires grow bigger so grows the cost,
That the reason for growth is eventually lost,
Soldiers begin dying without show of reward,
Governments know it’s more than they can afford.
The people become restless what once was much fun,
Is lost in the echo of the dastardly gun.
Questions without answers are aired by the press:
None seem to hear the cries of distress.
Funerals of soldiers become government hype,
In an effort to quickly the intolerance… wipe
Then comes the bullshit the lie built on the lie,
While the nation’s soldiers continue to die.
And it will go on until the empire recedes,
Giving independence to countries it no longer feeds.

~ 2 ~

Then nations oppressed will seek their own might,
Their own way of life that they think is their right
Revolution begins political debate leads to war,
The people soon tread where they once trod before.
Neighboring countries move in choosing a side
That has the politics in which they can confide.
As the great empire dwindles left wing politics revive,
A lot of spending is done as they attempt to survive.
But as the debt grows, munitions companies fail;
The banks call in debts the downward spiral to curtail.
The dollar devalues as they discover the world,
Contains other great nations now with bold flags unfurled.
Remote forts are dismantled armies clipped and refined,
And the rich tables are bare on which they once dined.

~ 3 ~

They bring their soldiers back to the homeland,
Avoiding compensation and just giving them a hand;
There is lots of talk “oh what hero’s they are!”
But there is no solidity beneath the false sand.
Mentally handicapped and physically depleted,
Many live on the streets as veterans defeated.
More soldiers die in the streets of their towns,
Than on the battlefield from enemy rounds.
The new empire through affluence spreads,
Creeping into industry and corporate heads,
Soon all you can buy displays only their brand,
And they own all of the valuable land.
And reacting to the people’s own greed,
They are predictably bound to succeed.